One Response to “Joan Veon’s last speech foretells humanity’s pathway”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    An excellent, succinct, presentation that should be compulsory viewing for everyone everywhere

    She lays out the core problem that humanity faces. Human debt bondage is absolutely guaranteed with a debt based money system that is controlled by PRIVATELY owned corporations like the Federal Reserve. And all the other central banks too, they are ALL privately owned

    They say that the Bank of England is State controlled but I don’t believe that for one second. Prove it then! Show us the books of account of the B o E. Pigs might fly, not gonna happen

    Nothing has changed since 2008 when she made this presentation. In fact it has become far, far, worse than then. US is technically bankrupt it’s got a massive negative net asset on it’s national balance sheet. See this:
    Derivatives are $635 TRILLION
    Total US debt is $103 T
    US GDP is $27 T
    It’s a massive, massive, Ponzi scheme

    Finally, she said that the Russian and Chinese stock exchanges were CREATED by the World Bank/IMF. That was a wake up call. What does that say about the current BRICS “opposition” to the G7 hegemon?