If it was their family, it would be different

Bring an end to the UK’s involvement in war.  Not the commemoration of those who gave their lives.  Will the Police stop the disruption of Remembrance Day?

Is there really a surge of anti-Semitism in England?  It’s not an issue to the majority, just a bunch of activists.  The conflict is being used to try to inflame politics in Britain.  Most people don’t give half a fig about it all, I would say.

The US is getting cold feet in Palestine and the determination of the Arabs to resist and kill Israeli invading forces is a surprise they were not expecting.  Waving flags around in London or throwing them in bins is not having any impact at all.  Lawrence Fox again shows lack of judgement – probably funded by others to make smaller parties seem incompetent hot heads.  That’s why Robin Tilbrook of The Teds is never interviewed.  He’s far too sensible, and talks so much sense.  That would really make the rest look unelectable.


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5 Responses to “If it was their family, it would be different”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Lest We Forget

    This database contains details of British deaths during the Palestine conflict 1945-1948. There are some officials and policeman also included but not the full quota. This does not mean that there are not anomalies, that entries have not been duplicate or that the information here is 100% accurate, please let us know if you have facts we have wrong or not available.


  2. NPP says:

    We, or at least my village, my constituency, my county forgot a long time ago.
    7 names on my village WWI memorial, symbolically died for our freedom and liberty.

    We forgot during covid1984.
    We forgot as my village sent funds to Nazi affiliated Ukraine.
    We forget as Palestinians are slaughtered in their own homeland.
    We forget as county councils instill ‘climate emergency’ policy whereby fools just following orders buying solar panels, EVs and endorse eco-crucifix wind turbines.
    We forget as councils implement masturbation tuition for primary school children.

    No Laurence Fox, I will not be giving energy to 11:11 nor buying a poppy resembling a bullet hole surrounded by blood.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. In your face Masonic numerology. The sick bastards kept their pointless war going to hit that exact moment

      In fact the sick bastards kept the war going for 3 extra years, see Docherty and Macgregor, “Prolonging the Agony”. Perfidious Albion in action again

      Blood red poppies are in your face something else. I’ve never worn one, my old man who was in WW2 instructed me not to and I followed his advice ever since

      I abhor the public ceremonies too, particularly at the sporting events. The Premier League is the worst, you can guarantee death porn before every game nowadays

      Like Tap I think that these souls who died for their country deserve an appropriate remembrance. But 11/11 is not the time for that. It should be free of any politics and any masonic rite too, it’s personal not civic

  3. Tapestry says:

    It’s a shame to politicise memorial. For the families who lost sons or fathers or daughters, it’s their day, not for the ambitious politician.

  4. ian says:

    I live within a mile of Quintin’s Hill. Site of the Worst rail disaster in Britain in 1915. 200 dead, mostly Royal Scots bound for Gallipoli. They would have died there too, had they made it, as it was deliberately designed to fail by the British leaders. Why would anyone stand up for a ceremony ran by people who would do this.