Greta Windmills & Dead WHALES! But how?

Has eco-champion poster child  Greta Thunberg been duped into promoting an ill considered agenda that is killing thousands of whales in the name of preventing CO2 climate change and saving the planet.


Praise from Greta Thunberg for How to Speak Whale


Tom Mustill’s How to Speak Whale – a thought-provoking and lively investigation into whale science and animal communication – has been getting fantastic early blurbs from George Monbiot, Sy Montgomery, and Greta Thunberg:

“We rarely pause to consider what animals think or feel, or question whether their inner lives resemble our own. Tom Mustill’s fascinating and deeply humane book shows us why we must do so – and what we, and the planet, could stand to gain by it.” — Greta Thunberg


3 Responses to “Greta Windmills & Dead WHALES! But how?”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    I remember reading Heathcote Williams book “Whale Nation” back in the day. It was published in 1988 and it was a very moving testament to man’s destructive relationship with whales. Which is ongoing it seems

    Whales are highly intelligent mammals with their own language. But they were a prime resource before the oil industry developed. A source of essential lubricants and other fats and oils. So we hunted them to the edge of extinction, the usual story

    Norway was a big whaling nation and Norwegian whaling boats would call at Liverpool port on their way down to the South Atlantic, and on the way back. They would spend 6 months down there over our winter, Antarctic summer

    My old man worked in the port, a Waterguard officer ie Customs. He said that when a whaling ship called in Liverpool on it’s way back from the South Atlantic then, all the low life of Liverpool were on the quayside to greet them. They knew that the whaler crew had just been paid 6 months wages, in cash, and were very eager for action after 6 months on board with all male company. The scousers were only too happy to oblige

    The whaling ships absolutely stunk to high heaven too. Whale blubber is very pungent apparently and the crew had lived 6 months together. The aroma had permeated everywhere, including the men. No matter, the potential prize was great. It was a common story for a Norwegian sailor to lose 6 months cash in his first night on shore! They were no match for scousers

    • ian says:

      I remember the story of a German ship in Liverpool docks one weekend Pete. The crew were involved in a scrap in one of the local Pubs. On Monday some of the crew were in court. One guy couldn’t speak English, so the judge asked if anyone could translate. A Scouser volunteered. The Judge said, ask him where he was on Saturday night. The Scouser said, “Vare Vere you on Seterday night. Apparently, although the gallery erupted, the Judge wasn’t a happy camper.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Ha, ha, ha. I can believe that Ian, that is classic scouse humour

        In fact my dad told me that he knew about the Norwegian whalers woes partly because of his time in court with them. Sometimes the sailor got back to his ship with his money gone, but with some evidence of what had actually happened, who had robbed him. Occasionally Customs stood in for Scuffers [scouse slang for Police] in such affairs, maybe because they were on hand 24/7 on the docks