Green Tractor Attack On UK Farmers & Food Supply

Editors note :- By “the supply chain will have to pay” read “You the consumer will pay even more for even less”, UK farmers will be made less competitive and our home grown food supply less secure.

All in the name of fraudulent CO2 themed environmental claims backed by a complicit UK government acting on behalf of foreign globalist interests.

Green Farm Commitment makes farmers see red

A new ‘environmental module’ proposed by the farm-assurance scheme Red Tractor has drawn heavy criticism from farmers. James Fisher reports.

The scheme — announced last week and known as the Green Farm Commitment (GFC) — will enable ‘farmers to make commitments and track their own progress across five key areas for environmentally focused farming: carbon footprinting; soil management; nutrient management; waste management; and biodiversity’, according to the organisation. Farmers reacted with fury to the proposal, accusing supermarkets of passing the cost of them reaching net zero onto farmers.


“The additional cost cannot be shouldered by farmers — the supply chain will have to pay”

‘I, more than anyone, want British farming to stand up to the challenges of imports from around the world; to demonstrate the sustainability credentials of British farming and to drive solutions to the environmental challenges we face.’ He added: ‘This module could provide some of the solutions if deployed in the correct sectors and with minimal cost burden, and after the proper scrutiny that was agreed. Ultimately, however, the additional cost cannot be shouldered by our farmer members and the supply chain will have to pay a premium for the associated increase in costs.’


NFU call to pause Red Tractor ‘green’ module ignored


NSA chief executive Phil Stocker said: “Anyone who has had any contact with NSA will recognise that we are pro-environment, but the recent announcement of the Greener Farm Commitment, developed with no practical input from ourselves or the farming sector, is flawed and simply a step too far.

“We do not accept this will remain a voluntary scheme, and additionality like this comes with a cost that needs to be supported via market premiums or by full alignment with Defra’s Sustainable Farming Incentive and Countryside Stewardship schemes.”