Embrace the Awakening, Embrace the Cycle: The Water Bearer Returns

David DuByne at AV13

We see vast changes are occurring in every aspect of life exactly at the same time across the entire planet. Ask yourself why, and why at this time when vast electromagnetic Earth changes are timelined out through October 2024 as the four gas giants form a square in the outer solar system that was last seen in 79 A.D, that our world is radically changing.

Quickly there after in April 2025 space debris will begin pounding our planet as we will be the only body in front of the Sun, with everything else gravitationally behind us in the solar system.

These events make me believe that we are being tagged/ID’d so the parasite class will know who is left after these two separate but intertwined events unfold. During the run up to the October 2024 “electromagnetic event” we should see physical changes on our planet and physiological changes in the brains of everyone alive during this time.

Geophysical events will range from increased volcanism to liquefaction (mudflood) events, further disrupted jet stream and cloud cell patterns along with a runaway ozone depletion event in the S. Hemisphere. As for humanity the electromagnetic hemispheres of our brains will perceive reality differently, which terrifies the “elite”.

Its going to be a wild ride into the Grand Solar Reset.

+++ This is the first 15 mins in audio format +++

The full video version is available on the Alternative View website.



6 Responses to “Embrace the Awakening, Embrace the Cycle: The Water Bearer Returns”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Fascinating teaser John

    Made me want to see the slides that he was referring to. So also made me think that I might cough up £20 to watch the AV presentations in full, no doubt your intention 🙂

    What he says chimes with other places too. Even Mathis whose science site covers some of the solar cycles stuff. The Sun is a charge engine rather than a nuclear reactor, it recycles galactic, and universe, charge to energise the Earth and all humans on it. Jupiter and Saturn are also important in energising the Earth, they do similar but at a lower level

    These long cycles are denied by modern “scientists” of course. But they were known to the ancients. How does that actually work then you lying liars of “science”? They knew but you gobshites don’t! Come on, spill the beans

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      The “scientists” fundamental problem is that they deny the significance of electric charge and current. It’s all about “Gravity” for them. Even though they can’t explain what “Gravity” actually is!

      So they are missing out on a key factor, electric charge, but they are now stuck in a failed paradigm as a result. Stuck because they’ve built such a massive theoretical BS edifice on the head of a pin over the last 100 years. Even worse their theory is all based on modelling, real old fashioned physics rarely comes into it. Ditto the climate scam

      Computer says:

      Whatever the eff you want it to say! Garbage in garbage out

      • ian says:

        Indeed Pete, there will be many things unspoken of or deliberately ignored. I read several books which mentioned Isaac Newton. An odd guy for sure, probably Aspergers. He was however very very smart. Edmund Halley, of comet fame, Christopher Wren, and Robert Hook were discussing why planet orbits might be elliptical. They felt it must involve the gravity being disproportionate as the planets neared each other. Newton was difficult to deal with, but Halley could get on with him and was sent to see what he thought. After a little introductory talking, Halley asked him what he thought , and Newton said that the attraction between the planets was inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Halley asked if he could prove it, and Newton produced the mathematical paperwork proving The Inverse Square Law of Gravity. That was in the 17th century, and there seems to be nothing newer than that. It does seem odd.

        • ian says:

          PS I was into Astronomy a while back, hence the Isaac Newton mentions in the books.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    I watched the full presentation from David DuByne and it is excellent, a lot of good info in there. David talks a lot of sense and puts a lot of the elites current plans into a much wider perspective

    Electromagnetic changes in the solar system lead to major changes in our planet, and our personal consciousness and energy too. These are eternal cycles and the reptiles know all about them. They are trying to divert us all with their mad, fear based, control schemes

    Don’t buy the fear it’s a confection of the madmen. The veil will be pierced and the reptiles will become visible. Think of the Wizard of Oz when Toto exposed the frail old guy pulling all the levers. Follow the Boy Scout moto too: Be Prepared!

    I’m not convinced by his solar cycle comments though, see this:

    I’m very much looking forward to watching all the others now, that was a great start