Now Bruner is taking on his biggest targets yet in Controligarchs: Exposing the Billionaire Class, Their Secrets Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life.

Schweizer praised the book as “one of a kind,” since it “reveals, for the first time ever, the future plans of a small yet powerful group of billionaire elites who steer government policy and profit by controlling your life.”

“At GAI we follow the money and now we’ve followed it all the way to the top,” Bruner said. Adding that “this investigation names names and reveals who is really controlling our lives—the real heist of history is happening in Davos, and on Wall Street, and in Silicon Valley, not in the kabuki theater of Washington D.C.”

Backed by a mountain of IRS financial filings, insider documents, private communications, and corporate records, Controligarchs rips back the curtain on never-before-published revelations about the life-altering schemes that globalist elites have in store for you. These include:

  • Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Controligarchs are rapidly ratcheting up AI to extinguish what remains of the free market and push Americans into socialism via “ESG” scores, mass layoffs, and a meager “universal basic income.” Their end goal? Total control over you under a China-style social-credit-score system.
  • Preparing For “the Next Pandemic”: The Controligarchs want to reinstate their lockdowns, create a fresh wave of small-business closures, and consolidate ownership of everything into fewer and fewer hands.
  • Plotting a Money Heist: Wall Street titans like BlackRock are working hand in glove with central banks around the world to “de-bank” their opposition by seizing control of our currency and “digitalizing” it… all while tracking our every move.
  • Funding the Radical Left’s Rise: A coalition of billionaires and bureaucrats have created an unholy alliance by co-opting leftist politicians and mobilizing grassroot activists.
  • Profiting From the Population Control Agenda: Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffett, the Rockefellers, and other billionaires are secretly profiting from birth control pharmaceuticals like the abortion-inducing pill mifepristone, which the U.S. Supreme Court is set to review.

Breitbart News has obtained an early look of this critical investigation and its never-before-reported revelations. Controligarchs’s cover features World Economic Forum chief Klaus Schwab, billionaire Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and leftist billionaire George Soros.

Controligarchs: Exposing the Billionaire Class, Their Secrets Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life is available now for pre-order and will hit bookstands on November 14.