Bill Clinton in a blue dress

You may think I put that together in photoshop, but nope: they now admit that is a real painting of Clinton that was hanging in Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse—not in a back bedroom, but in full view in a common room. In 2019 The Daily Mail in London (the same newspaper that ran a story on my outing of Steven Hawking as an imposter) broke the story, even giving us the artist: Petrina RyanKleid.

The reason I am adding this now is that I just heard of it through Joe Rogan, via an article at the Gateway Pundit. Rogan had a segment about it this week, but he is claiming it is proof Clinton was “owned” by Epstein. But that wouldn’t be the logical first reading of anyone who came across this, would it?

The most likely and default reading of this is that Clinton and Epstein are both gay, and
probably lovers. I have previously said as much about Epstein, telling you the whole young girl thing (Lolita Express) is a red herring, just as Monica Lewinsky was.

Epstein, Clinton, and all the rest—including Bill Gates and Prince Andrew—are gay, and this story is just a cover-up for that.  (TAP – I knew a lady who believed Andrew to be hetero…he couldn’t take his eyes off her, she told me.  He’s not very bright, on the other hand, and was not good to listen to, another friend told me who heard him presenting overseas once.  He makes a good scapegoat and always gets it wrong PR wise, allowing others to sneak off while he faces the media.)

If they are trafficking or molesting anyone, it is boys, not girls. And of course Epstein’s death was faked. Even  Ricky Gervais admitted that, on TV at the Golden Globes. But it goes even deeper than that, because being gay or wearing dresses isn’t illegal. All this stuff was leaked and is continuing to be leaked as part of some covert war between the billionaires and trillionaires.

This is the way they embarrass and control one another, so in a sense it IS about being owned. But it isn’t about Epstein owning Clinton.It is about Epstein, Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Bill Gates all being attacked by some more powerful entity, either as a diversion for the news cycles, or as part of some real split in the Phoenician Navy.

Mathis always stops when he gets to ‘Phoenician navy’.  If you read Pierre Sabak (hard work!) he would see the navy reference as the connection to off planet control.