4 Responses to “Armistice Day. Armed forces and veterans told to keep away.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Psyop 101
    Ingredients list
    1) The Event – preferably controlled, concocted and well recorded often with a team of assets posing as members of the crowd.
    2) The exploitation plan – widespread emotional media coverage weaving in a narrative targetting the “enemy” of choice blackening their name whilst presenting the public with proscribed victims.

    The Zionist occupied Daily Mail propaganda rag report …..

    Poppy seller, 78, ‘punched and attacked’ by pro-Palestine mob

    By Martin Robinson

    Published: 09:43, 7 November 2023 |

    Social media footage shows the 78-year-old – in his distinctive red beret – trying to escape. But the attack ended only when railway staff shoved the demonstrators away. About 1,200 had descended on the station to protest against Israeli attacks in Gaza. Police chiefs yesterday urged organisers to postpone another pro-Palestine protest, in London on Armistice Day. Following Saturday’s ordeal, Mr Henderson said: ‘I was getting shoved backwards, in danger of falling, and one of them stood on my foot and split my toe. So I thought I had got to get the money out of here. So I went down, and as I bent down someone punched me in the back. And then I got another punch in my side.’ He said that he managed to get up and was rescued by three ladies in red railway uniforms. ‘I’ve never known anything like it,’ he said. ‘Chanting. Saying it’s all about the British Government, British people, Jews.’

    Mr Henderson insisted that he was attacked on purpose: ‘You don’t do that, and kick someone from behind and that was when I couldn’t get out of the way. That’s when I bent down and…bang.’ Cries of ‘ceasefire now’ and ‘Free Palestine’ drowned out rail service announcements during the demonstration. Other protesters blew whistles, waved Palestinian flags and held up placards. It was not the only example of poppy sellers being intimidated over the weekend. Several at Charing Cross station in London were surrounded by a gang of protesters.
    Police eventually had to close Waverley Station while the protest there took place. In another incident, an individual was arrested for broadcasting anti-Semitic comments in London. And four officers were injured near Trafalgar Square by masked activists who aimed fireworks at them. Scotland Yard bosses have called for the protest on this Saturday’s Armistice Day to be called off amid concerns that splinter groups intent on violence will clash with counter-protesters and cause chaos in the centre of the capital. Home Secretary Suella Braverman welcomed the Met’s stance, doubling down on her description of the demonstrators as ‘hate marchers’ and describing their behaviour as ‘thuggish’.




  2. sovereigntea says:

    from the same DM article

    Israel’s president, Isaac Herzog , whose father fought in the British Army during the Second World War and helped liberate the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, also criticised the planned march. ‘I call upon all decent human beings to object to the march and ban it,’ he told TalkTV. ‘Because the symbol of that day is a symbol of victory and it’s a symbol of doing good. Because when you fight evil, sometimes you have to fight. You have to fight evil in order to uproot evil.’


    The former chief rabbi of Ireland, Isaac Herzog, was also an open supporter of both Irish Republican and Zionist terrorism. After his emigration to Palestine in 1936, Herzog rose to arguably the most important position in the Jewish religious world, the chief rabbinate of Palestine. MI5’s DSO in Palestine and the Palestine police both apparently kept a close watch on Rabbi Herzog’s activities. In a manner that encapsulates the tensions that existed between moderates and extremists in both Palestine and Ireland, one of Herzog’s sons, Chaim, disapproved of his father’s collusion with terrorism. In sharp contrast to his father, Chaim Herzog served in British military intelligence on D-Day, went on to help establish the Israeli intelligence community, and eventually became president of Israel.


  3. ian says:

    Crowds are easily discredited half a dozen off duty cops or soldiers, and a handler. you can usually see the press with them. wreck some stuff, piss on Churchill or some other statue, attack pensioners etc. Job done. Joe thicko public will be happy to see the demo cancelled.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Cancelling a demo or two is one of the objectives yet I fear something nastier is afoot.