Argentina’s New ZOG President Milei

He looks fun and talks an interesting talk, but they’ve done it again; secured a new Zionist President of regional interest and influence.

ZOG : Zionist Occupied Government

As Dr. Shiva refers to him, ‘Phucker’ Carlson has interviewed Javier Milei.

Milei won!
Javier Milei: Argentina’s far-right outsider wins presidential election

But, ‘Why is a guy running for President of a country in South America wearing Israel pins and prioritising moving his country’s embassy to Jerusalem?’

‘Listen to every word of this. Back in 1991, Pat Buchanan said that Congress is Israeli occupied territory and it still is today. He goes on to talk about AIPAC smearing him because he didn’t want to subsidize socialism in Israel and said that these attacks violate the spirit of the 1A. Nothing has changed, but it needs to. We give Israel $10 million per day, and they have free college and universal healthcare. The same people who want to send them another $14 billion, will also tell you that socialism sucks. Then they’ll smear you as an antisemite if you disagree with them and advocate for hate speech legislation to outlaw all criticism of a country that your tax dollars are funding.

PANDA’s Nick Hudson has noticed some within ‘our’ community being antisemitic. Dr. Malik believes in the state of Israel.
What’s a semite Nick?
Why are eastern €uropeans entitled to migrate from Poland, Germany, the US etc and displace Palestinians from their home Doc?
Am I permitted to ask or does that automatically put me in the antisemolina camp?

Chaps, Zionist Israel wants to remove Palestine from ‘the river to the sea’ and expand beyond that. It is how it is. They are currently ethnically cleansing the indigenous population. As I understand 4-5,000 children have been slaughtered. On 07 October, Israeli helicopters fired upon Israelis.
Nick and Doc Malik complain about those taking sides. I take a side. I unequivocally support the return to a full, sovereign Palestinian nation state.

Why do I unequivocally takes a side? If you have the stomach for it, here’s part of the reason…


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8 Responses to “Argentina’s New ZOG President Milei”

  1. ian says:

    You are an excellent journalist Ned, though you couldn’t be allowed to do it for real, as you care, and tell the truth, two no-no’s. Well laid out, beautifully illustrated, and very disturbing. One video of injured and dead children says more than 5 years of Jeremy Vine.

  2. NPP says:

    I’ve never thought of myself as a journalist, but thank you for the compliment.

    Milei looked promising, but it appears he’s just another sock puppet.

    The Israeli Palestine issue really has put the cat among the pigeons. I’m clear where I stand.

    • Steve Kettle says:

      They always come in promising much but deliver sod all, apart from what their controllers want.

      • NPP says:

        Milei was clear before being elected; he waved the Ukraine & Israeli flags.

        It’s not a good sign. Even I for a moment was hopeful, but my hope was misplaced.

    • ian says:

      Re being a journalist Ned, perhaps you’re not one, but the articles you post are well narrated and presented in a coherent and flowing manner. You add videos and art. In addition, you don’t dodge bullets yourself and stick to your guns whoever challenges. Well done mate. We might not always agree, but I’ll respect your right to have your say.

      • NPP says:

        I’ve apparently just pissed off Nick Hudson on ‘X’. I much appreciated his efforts during covid1984, but calling others ‘antisemitic’ doesn’t sit right with me.

        He accused me of ‘Just so’ stories. I didn’t understand.

        Thank you.

        • ian says:

          Don’t worry Ned, if you’re supporting right and decent, tell them the FO. You are fighting for the things that make our life what it is. Honesty, and decency. This is going to get way worse. These folks are fixated on individual issues, and very likely don’t see the bigger picture. Stick to your guns Ned.

  3. NPP says:

    He wants to leave BRICS too.
    Oh dear.