Now streaming from our Gumroad platform – The Hopis are one of the oldest living cultures in documented history, with a past stretching back thousands of years.

According to Hopi legend, when time and space began, the sun spirit (Tawa) created the First World, in which insectlike creatures lived unhappily in caves. With the goal of evolution, Tawa sent a spirit called Spider Grandmother to the world below.


In Hopi lore Spider Woman assumes the role of the creator of all living things, including humans. In the Navajo tradition, Spider Woman appears in many tales as a heroic helper and wise adviser who protects the innocent and restores harmony. She taught the Navajo People the art of weaving and agriculture.

In a new cinematic episode of our HERITAGE film series, we take a close look – a very close look – at the Prehistoric art which shows animal-humanoid ‘gods’ flying in the sky, we discover an eight mile long rock in the Amazon jungle festooned with diagrams of D.N.A. from 50,000 years ago, and we marvel at the extraterrestrial INSECTOIDS – who claim they are the true and original rulers of Planet Earth.


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In 1925, Barriga Villalba, professor of chemistry at the University of Bogotá, isolated a compound which he believed amplified TELEPATHY… This compound is in many herbs – and they were most famously cultivated by the ancient Egyptians…

But that’s just the start of this mind blowing episode of our FORBIDDEN TV series… We go on to show mysterious hieroglyphs which are not included in any of the academic textbooks of Egyptology.


This particular hieroglyph is a sphere with a large SPARK running through it. It is very obviously a spark and shows ELECTRICITY – 3,450 years before electricity was supposedly discovered by Benjamin franklin and Alexander Volta…


Our investigation takes you to the capstone of the Great Pyramid and early experiments which inspired the founding of one of the world’s biggest electronics corporations: SIEMENS.

This episode is one not to miss!


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  1. Belyi says:

    When I visited Hopiland I very much liked the idea of their kivas, where the congregation was seated round the sides and, in the centre and below them, stood their religious leader. Quite the opposite from western religions where the priest/pastor talk down to the congregation, something I hadn’t noticed before that.