Leaving the WHO is England’s choice


To quit the WHO from inside the UK is impossible.

None of the main political parties is in support.

The UK itself is effectively a world government body.

First step is for England to gain independence from the UK, which is sold out to all of world government.

Once out of the UK, we can nullify all the illegal treaties signed into by the UK, which are in breach of the Act Of Union of 1707, and other Acts which guaranteed our Rights and Freedoms.

Scotland and Wales can do likewise if they wish.

The Teds are the only political party campaigning to leave the UK.

Join the English Democrats, and maybe we can rediscover freedom, and survive as a free people.

Inside the UK we re all done for.  Reading the measures coming from the WHO, there is no doubt of that.



One Response to “Leaving the WHO is England’s choice”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Are the WHO the biggest danger to our future freedom of them all? It certainly seems so. And it certainly seems that the One Party will maintain their secrecy over this matter until such Statute Law is in place. The controlled media is silent about this isn’t it, so most folk don’t have a clue

    If their new Statute is passed by Parliament then, we will have to rely on Natural Law [Common Law] to maintain our rights. Given that Natural Law is SUPERIOR to all Statute Law then we’ve got a fighting chance. As long as there are enough of us…..

    I suspect that their Statute will need to pass through Parliament before it gains any traction with the large dissident minority here in England, covid showed that was about 30% of English folk. That should be enough to kill this in practice

    It would obviously be better if the Teds headed this off at the pass, but 1 December is only 18 days away…..