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First True Black Swan of Post-Hegemonic Transition Era: In addition to likely several 100 killed on streets or in their homes, likely 500+ Israeli civilians incl. children abducted to Gaza, more on the way. // Boeing will be OVERWHELMED with replacement orders for Israeli air defense munitions, will have to shift personnel away from Patriots for Yoo-krayne, to Israel needs. // Anyone seen Zelensky? How often will we be hearing about the Yoo-krayne from now on??? LOLOLOL. Maybe Israel will figure it out, but it’s all coming down for you DUMB MOTHER F*CKERS, you know who you are.


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Based on all the bloody filth I’ve seen online overnight through this morning, I can say with surety, the “neocons” (& by that I mean specific names, not some generalized ethnos) are about to taste the gap between “Bucha” & REALITY. I hope it tastes so good that you choke on it, motherf*ckers.


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  1. ian says:

    Do you think it’s connected to moving to Ukraine/Kazaria? It would make sense.