Why Your Local Council Declared A Climate Emergency – Coercive Fascist Taxation

Ofwat CEO Rachel Fletcher joins Octopus Energy

As Director of Regulation and Economics, Mrs Fletcher will work for the energy system decarbonisation

Mrs Fletcher will become Director of Regulation and Economics at the energy supplier and will work to strengthen the company’s efforts to decarbonise the energy system.

As Chief Executive Officer of Ofwat, She supported environmentally sustainable, resilient and affordable water and waste services.

Before her role at the water services regulation authority, she was Head of Retail at Ofgem and an Energy Consultant at PwC.

Octopus Energy is currently serving over 1.9 million customers across the UK.

Rachel Fletcher said: “Greg Jackson and his team are on a mission to bring about a fast, efficient and just transition to net zero.


Tax households that refuse to remove gas boilers, says senior energy figure

Emma Fletcher of Octopus Energy thinks old technology should be treated as socially unacceptable in move towards heat pumps
By Emma Gatten, Environment Editor 21 October 2023 • 4:18pm

Households could face extra taxes if they refuse to remove their gas boilers, a senior energy boss has suggested.

Emma Fletcher, who leads a project at Octopus Energy to encourage households to make their homes net zero, said that there needed to be a “carrot and stick” approach for people to switch to heat pumps.


“I’ve thought a lot about how you actually incentivise people,” Ms Fletcher told the Telegraph. “Do you put it on council tax – so those who are on the lowest incomes don’t have to pay.”

She suggested that households in higher tax bands could face a charge of £5 a month “for not having done something” by 2035 in areas where councils have declared a climate emergency.

“So you’re given time to do something, but actually, after a while, you start having to pay in to something which then can be used to help people who are on low incomes to do it,” she said.

“But be under no illusion, the clock is ticking. That is where we have got to get to.”
‘Public perception’ problem

Octopus Energy has backed heat pumps as the best alternative to gas and oil boilers, which are currently used by the vast majority of homes. It has recently unveiled its own heat pump, designed and manufactured in the UK.