Ukraine Sold Weapons To Hamas – Used Against Israel

I know that regulars know the situation in Gaza, is likely not as portrayed, but the Ukraine angle is different! ian


Hal Turner – Hal Turner Radio Show Oct 8, 2023

During the intense fighting which broke out yesterday between HAMAS and Israel, astonishing things took place.  Despite the most advanced intelligence and surveillance systems in the world, Palestinians allegedly broke through into Israel — somehow un-noticed by all the surveillance gear.

One Israeli Border Guard told me “Our systems could see if a Bird was flying-in; yet authorities would have us believe they couldn’t see dozens of Palestinians on motorized para-gliders in the air?  It’s simply not possible.  They let this happen on purpose.”

Another Israeli told me “MOSSAD knows when these people, HAMAS, take a dump in the bathroom, yet we’re supposed to believe MOSSAD had no idea this gigantic operation was being planned?”

Israel has the best intelligence on its neighbors of any nation on earth. Israel has lots of “assets” embedded in these various “terrorist” organizations, as well as SIGINT (including U.S. satellite data) which allows Israel to always have a finger on the pulse of these organizations.

There is no way in hell that a coordinated, major attack involving about 1,000 Hamas fighters, sea-based/ land-based/ aerial attacks could have been planned, coordinated, and executed without Israeli intelligence getting wind of it. 0% chance.

Others had similar statements of anger and disbelief.  One IDF soldier who saw Palestinians use a Drone to destroy an Israeli Merkava Tank said “Where did the Palestinians get drones with armor-piercing explosives?  That technology is being used in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.  How did it suddenly appear here, in Israel?”

Other IDF soldiers pointed to Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM) being used against Israeli Security Forces.  He said “These are weapons being seen on the Ukraine battlefields, how did they get into the Gaza Strip?”

Then, in the midst of the fighting, this video came out: HAMAS thanking Ukraine for selling them weapons to be used against Israel:



The most raging questions had to do with alleged “electronic jamming” that was said to have taken place as the Palestinians with para-gliders flew across the border into Israel.  According to numerous sources on both sides, “electronic warfare” technology was allegedly used to jam Israeli radar and other surveillance gear.  Said one Israeli “Only the Russians have gear to carry out such effective jamming – how did the Palestinians get it?”

That seems to be the most burning question right now since videos are also out showing armed Palestinian fighters para-glding into a massive “RAVE” party inside Israel:


The answers all see to point to yesterday’s outbreak of violence as “payback” to Israel, from Russia, over Israel’s support of Ukraine, and over Israel’s supplying of weapons and technology to Azerbaijan, which used it against Armenia again over the past two weeks, to seize Nagorno-Karaback and send 100,000 Armenians fleeing for their lives.

If this conclusion about Russia is correct, then one might ask, how much farther all this fighting in Israel may go?  Will Israel still exist when this is over?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

One official with whom I spoke overnight told me “Israel is suffering from Desertification of its land; the ground water table is receding 25 meters a year and soon, there won’t be enough arable land to support the continued existence of Israel.  But . . . quite coincidentally . . . there is now rich, arable land, in the center of Europe, where half its population has either fled or been killed, that would suit a relocation of Israel:   Ukraine.   Maybe they’ll all move there.”

Gee.  What a coincidence.

As for those asking “Why are the Palestinians so violent towards Israel?”  the answer has been on maps for years, right in front of everyone’s eyes.  Below is the reality from the time “Israel” was created in 1949, until today.   The White areas are “Israel” and the Green are “Palestinian.”  Look at what has happened to the Palestinians in their own land, since 1949:

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The Palestinians have been systematically purged from their land, their homes, and their freedom.   THAT is the root of this hatred.  It’s not going away.

They never show you this map on the news. That’s because it provides the crucial context necessary to anyone wanting to understand the Israel/Palestine situation.



2 Responses to “Ukraine Sold Weapons To Hamas – Used Against Israel”

  1. Belyi says:

    I don’t believe for one moment that Russia was involved as a payback for Israel supporting Ukraine. It is simply not their style.

    The Zionists are descended from the Khazars so it is quite likely that there is a strong connection between them and the inhabitants of Ukraine.

    The reasons behind all this will come out one day as we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

    • ian says:

      I completely agree about the Russia thing Belyi. I feel it is possible that this “attack”, has been facilitated. It might facilitate, wiping Gaza off the map, it might facilitate a move to Ukraine, where as you say, the Khazars originally came from, as it is conveniently devoid of men. It can also be used as a distraction, while our destruction at home is planned. Time will tell as you say.