The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 304 – One God – [1:53:29]


In this video i want to look at the history and meaning of “The Trinity” or what is called “Trinitarianism.” Trinity simply means, “TRIUNE” or “THREE IN ONE.” There are different Trinity models both pagan and Christian and so it is important to examine and understand what they are so we make sure to choose the right one. There is a teaching spreading online that is Anti-Trinitarian and the problem with this is that in order to believe this the Biblical Jesus has to be replaced with another Jesus who isn’t the God of the Bible. In essence Jesus becomes just a glorified man who can’t save anyone. If Jesus is NOT both fully God and fully Man then then he is NOT the God of the Bible. It is only the Perfect God man – the “Lamb of God” who can take away the sins of the world as declared in John 1:29. Nothing else would have fulfilled God’s righteous requirements for the SIN problem and enabled the complete restoration of man in God’s IMAGE.



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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Here’s a quiz: What do Donald Trump, Tim Kaine and Pope Francis have in common?

    Answer: all three men were educated by Jesuits, a religious order of Catholic priests whose most famous member is the Pope himself.

    For Trump, his two years at Fordham University, a Jesuit school in the Bronx, seem to leave little impact on his life. After his sophomore year, Trump transferred to the Ivy league University of Pennsylvania

    What compelled him to transfer from his hometown Jesuit university? “I decided that as long as I had to be in college, I might as well test myself against the best,” Trump said.


    Tim Kaine is a different story. Kaine, who if elected, would be the second Catholic Vice President in American history (Joe Biden is the first), graduated Rockhurt High School in 1976, a Jesuit school in Kansas City.