The investor admitted that the Middle East conflict could lead to an increase in Russia’s oil revenues


The investor admitted that the Middle East conflict could lead to an increase in Russia’s oil revenues
Kyle Shostak, director of the American investment company Navigator Principal Investors, explained that such a scenario is possible if the United States tightens sanctions against Iran

NEW YORK, October 15, 2023. /TASS/. A further escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a potential restriction of energy supplies by Middle Eastern countries could allow Russia to significantly increase its oil profits. This opinion was expressed in an interview with a TASS correspondent by the director of the American investment company Navigator Principal Investors Kyle Shostak.

According to him, if the United States decides to tighten sanctions against Iran against the backdrop of the Palestinian-Israeli crisis, then only the Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia will be able to fully meet the global demand for hydrocarbons, but “geopolitics can significantly reduce the desire and ability of the Saudis to supply oil to Western markets.”

“If Saudi Arabia’s leaders are at some point forced to contradict Western interests in the region, having already signaled, in particular, that their process of rapprochement with Israel has actually stopped, the country may limit oil supplies to both Europe and the United States,” Shostak said. “At the same time, Russia, unencumbered by such political considerations, will be able to derive significant economic benefits by offering key buyers additional oil products, determining the price and volume of supplies on favorable terms.”

As the investor notes, “such a scenario looks quite realistic, even despite the existing restrictive ceiling on the price of Russian oil,” since the latter “has almost exhausted its effect, its effect on Russian budget revenues is no longer the same as it was a year ago.” In this regard, changing the price ceiling of $60 per barrel of Russian oil to a higher level or its abolition seems very, very relevant,” Shostak concluded.”

“The oil or the soul, that’s the question.”


5 Responses to “The investor admitted that the Middle East conflict could lead to an increase in Russia’s oil revenues”

  1. Belyi says:

    The countries who think they’re so clever are going to end up with egg on their faces.

    Iran had a deal with the US whereby the former would release five hostages and the latter would repay $6 billion they were illegally withholding. The hostages were released but the money wasn’t.

    Just another example of how untrustworthy the West has become.

    Iran and Saudi Arabia have recently made up their differences, the Iranian economy is doing well, so it is unlikely that it would join in a war against the US and its Israeli proxy.

    This is one monster false flag with Israel (DS) trying to grab all of Palestine and to drive the rightful inhabitants out of the region. Fortunately the world isn’t buying it and most thinking people have seen the ‘invasion’ for what it is.

  2. ian says:

    I feel that their action is deliberately provocative in the extreme. They have used various distractions in the past like staged events in the west to take over the news when they are murdering civilians, but this time they are going for maximum publicity. They are either seeking retaliation from Iran perhaps or Russia, or it might be a deliberate distraction itself while US or all Western government’s laws are officially taken over by the WHO. These Israelis like the Yanks, are really brave fighting civilians with no air cover.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes Ian, deliberate distraction is certainly part of the agenda. There is a lot to distract from too isn’t there

      Ongoing vaxx genocide. Which is becoming more apparent to ordinary folk. Latest covid vaxx uptake in US is only 2% according to a CDC link on Makow yesterday, some good news at least

      Massive problems in their parasitic money system. $2 trillion! Added to US debt in last couple of months, unsustainable at that rate

      Their disgusting Ukie war that has resulted in 100’000’s young Ukrainians deaths has gone tits, they lost

      No doubt quite a bit more too

      Like you I’m puzzled by the obvious demonisation of Israel. Why is that happening? Is it just distraction? Unlikely

      I saw a good anti-distraction post from Thomas Sheridan on his substack today:

      “You Cannot Change What is Happening in the Middle East – But You Can Change What is Happening in Your Own Country

      The core aim of Marxism is Internationalism.

      Internationalism states that you must care about, and focus your energies, on other regions around the world as much as your nation. If not more. If you prefer to look at problems/issues – and then seek to address them – within your nation then the Marxists decree you to be ‘Far Right’ and a ‘Racist’.

      The purpose of Internationalism is to remove you from having an active participation in the welfare/security of your homeland so the Internationalists control it for you instead. This is done by the Internationalists implementing an unelected bureaucracy that places Internationalism as their core value. At the same time, you waste your energy on far away places which you can do nothing about.

      The result is always the same. Your nation falls apart. Hence why the present Irish regime are more focussed on the welfare of Ukrainians than they are on the welfare of the people of Ireland. Distraction from overseas, puts no pressure on politicans to deal with the issues at home.

      This is also why you are currently being told to lose your minds over the Middle East right now rather than concentrate on solving issues within your own country.

      Stop being a pawn of the Internationalists. Charity Begins at home.”

  3. ian says:

    Some good points there Pete. I am sure that what you say applies to me too. I am more easily involved in defending others than myself.