Rivers of blood and piles of rubble mark the wounds that cover both Palestine and Israel, which are made of the same soil and water, and all inhabited by people, plain people. These wounds are traces of a subterrain battle involving Jews, Arabs, and plenty of secret partners, a battle that now threatens the entire world in the manner that the killing of Archduke Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire threatened Europe in 1914.

The one thing that the politicians have not been saying to you in the days after the attacks that left Israelis, and then many more Palestinians, dead, is that we should make sure we know what happened before we take any action, that we should know who our true enemies are before we start swinging a sword.

They know full well that once the Israeli Defense Forces start the process of starving and killing the impoverished people of Gaza, there will be no way back to reason, to level-headed policy. We will be committed to a horrific war that we never wanted. That is the whole point. Once you tell millions of people trapped in a ghetto to disappear, or else, then anything, any horrible thing, becomes possible.

And the Jewish protesters in New York City demanding that all Palestinians in Gaza be eliminated were clearly crisis actors, not thoughtful citizens. We are witnessing a show, but the deaths that will follow will be no show.

This rush to action, to judgement, this jump deep into clouded hysteria is not accidental.

No, it was the whole purpose of the media blitz, just as was the case after the 9.11 incident, to corral us into taking irreversible steps that will not only leave hundreds of thousands in Palestine dead, but could easily extend to a war between Israel and Iran, the United States and Iran, or the United States, NATO, and Israel against Russia and Iran—that is to say a world war, the world war that some sick souls have been hankering after for years.



Let me first declare that I do not know what exactly happened. That puts me light years ahead of those media pundits, politicians, and government representatives who assume that they know everything based on news sources, intelligence reports, and gossip that have been wrong in almost every case for the last twenty-three years.

We are forced, by circumstances, to speculate as to what might have happened. I must speculate here in good faith, in accord with the scientific method, while asking to be corrected where I fall short. We do not have time to wait fifty years for all the classified directives to be made public.

First, this attack attributed to Hamas is of a scale and intensity that could not possibly have been carried out without the full knowledge of the IDF, granted the millions that they pay out to informants in the occupied territories, and the tens of billions they pay for sensors, drones, satellites, and the most advanced surveillance technology in the world—partially funded by the American taxpayer.

We also know that Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu faces extreme unpopularity with the vast majority of the Jewish population that is enraged by his corruption and engaged in massive protests against his vicious oppression of Jewish workers.

Elements in the Israeli military and intelligence have stated that they are in clear opposition to Netanyahu and that they would not tolerate his seizure of control of the judicial branch of government as part of a bid to take over the entire country. That is precisely what he has done since these attacks using the shock doctrine.

What better a moment to play footsie with Hamas, which has cooperated with corrupt elements of the Israeli military before, and to create an incident that leads to war?

It is not simply Israel’s own little 9.11.

But it just starts there. Now that the United States has completely bought into the war on Hamas, with President Biden referring to Hamas as “pure unadulterated evil” we can feel that the door has been thrown open for something even bigger, even more horrific.

We also know that “pure unadulterated evil” is precisely the language used by the Nazi Party against the Jews before they were disenfranchised, put in camps, and then exterminated.

It is not simply that Israel, with the backing of all the governments of major industrial countries, will cut off water, food, and electricity to Palestinians who are living in squalor while bombing their apartment houses to pieces and driving them into the sea.

A war with Iran is just around the corner. All we need is some headline on CNN screaming that somehow Iran was involved (and Israel, of course, was not). That missing link will be like the evidence for Al Qaeda that suddenly appeared after 9.11.

Iran has always expressed support for Hamas, and a war with Iran will naturally follow the path already carefully laid out towards a war with Russia and Iran, and that, in turn, will drag in NATO, and just about every other country whose leaders have signed these classified agreements for intelligence sharing and military cooperation with the United States, or with NATO, over the last few years of international diplomatic carnivals.

This creation of an unaccountable chain of command for the militaries of each country in the “West,” farmed out to private IT firms like Amazon, Google and Facebook, follows precisely the model employed to launch World War One.

After the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, the nations of England, France and Russia followed a plan for war like clockwork, as if the politicians and generals had been replaced by pre-programmed machines. Later, the world would learn that these countries had signed a series of secret treaties that overruled all national debate on military action and made world war possible.

You might ask, fairly, who could possibly want a world war that will leave dead hundreds of millions and that might even end life on Earth in a nuclear holocaust?

Only a psychopath, you might think, would want that.

Ah, there’s the rub! For behold, the world is run by psychopaths these days.

World war offers two precious gifts to the psychopathic rich and powerful in the days and months before it leads to mass slaughter and calamity for all.

First, world war reinforces the power of the state, giving new authority to corrupt and discredited institutions, whether the Center for Disease Control, Harvard University, or the New York Times, the institutions that dragged humanity through the mud of the COVID fraud and the controlled-demolition of society by global finance. Ratcheting things up to world war may be the only thing left in the toolboxes of the Netanyahu and Biden administrations at this point.

Second, world war creates massive consumption and demand. The killing of millions will create a demand for corporations to supply weapons and fuel, and other products, and an excuse to seize control of the means of finance, production, and distribution.

The deep contradictions of a narcissistic consumption culture, and the dangers resulting from the systematic overproduction thus created, can be swept under the rug—at least for a little while—by a war.

As far as the myopic politicians are concerned, the bigger and more destructive the war, the better.

The government of Israel is dominated by the super-rich, as are the governments of the United States, Russia, China, Germany, and even Iran. The war between cultures and ethnicities being planned serves as cover for a more systematic war of the few against the vast majority of humanity, a global class war.

Did I mention that the rich are psychopaths?

They are willing to take any risk, especially if is others who will do the dying, in order to protect themselves, and their asses—I mean, their assets.

Let us talk about peculiar relationship of the state of Israel and the United States

If we want to pull back from the edge of world war, we must first start to speak honestly about what Israel is, and what it is not, and how Israel is oddly, conversely, paradoxically tied to the United States.

Israel and the United States have a lot in common and perhaps that is one of the reasons that they have been strangely bound together.

Palestine was imagined as a place of refuge for Jews from across Europe from the 1890s, and especially in 1930s.  These Jews had suffered terrible discrimination and violence, and had suffered it for centuries. The Jewish settlements in Palestine offered hope to those who were rounded up later in ghettos, deported to concentration camps, and packed into trains for passage to the death camps.

After the Second World War, the state of Israel was established and it offered the hope of a homeland to surviving Jews, one that they thought could be defended, unlike the ghettos of Eastern Europe that were ruthlessly liquidated.

But that homeland did not appear from nowhere and it was not granted to the Jews by God. It had been thousands of years since Jews had their kingdom there. No, that “state” of Israel was bound up with British imperial interests, and other causes of a completely different nature.

No, the land was seized from the Palestinians who had lived there for centuries, and it was they who were driven from their homes by Jewish settlers—just as Jews had been driven from their homes by Germans, Poles, and Ukrainians.

The promise of a covenant between this new Israel and the sorrowful Jews left behind after the slaughter in the camps of Poland and Russia required that the people of Palestine disappear, just as Jews had been disappeared.

This was the sin that could not be erased, as hard as Jews tried thereafter.

There were plenty of Jews who went to the United States too, and they found in America great promise and opportunity that they could not find in Europe with its deep hostilities against Jews.

I need pause here and mention that my father’s family were Jews who came to America with nothing. Their village outside of Budapest was destroyed during the Holocaust and no longer remains. They found great opportunities here. This tragedy of America, and its ties to the Middle East, and to Israel, is directly related to me—even though I have never stepped foot in Israel.

An odd relationship developed between the United States and Israel over the last eighty years. It was not a clear relationship, it was not legally defined, and it was tied to the long shadow of the British Empire that had reached its fingers deep into both countries, especially during the Second World War.

We cannot talk about Israel without talking about the “spider’s web,” the hidden network of finance the lurks in the remnants of the British Empire. You see Israel was founded in Palestine, a British imperial experiment to extend British power into the Middle East and to get control of petroleum.

Israel should be thought of as a parallel to the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and other former British colonies that became places to hide money, to pay people off in secret, and ultimately became the tax-free unaccountable homes for many multinational corporations that claim to be “American.”

Israel, behind the honest efforts of Holocaust survivors to build a new life, became a part of that spider’s web of money, intelligence, and special services for the rich and powerful.

As the wealth of the few in the United States and Israel increased, as the militaries of both countries became a larger and larger part of the economies, a new level of corruption, unimaginable corruption, set in and reached to the bone.

The United States and Israel ended up having the closest of ties in the military and intelligence, and yet there was no formal alliance treaty to define what this alliance was. The special relationship with Israel was not to be found in the Capitol, nor in the Knesset.

No, the heart of the alliance was something informal among military contractors, intelligence subcontractors, financial institutions tied to both countries, and also to London, and other informal relationships—often controlled by the extremely wealthy, often classified.

Massive amounts of money, supposedly for the defense of Israel, floated around in this spider’s web of military contractors, just out of sight, in both countries, or maybe not? No one could be sure where that money really went.

That deepening corruption, that underground river of filth that flowed beneath both the United States and Israel, fed a rot in institutions, and that made the 9.11 incident possible.

Dark powers in the United States, in Israel, and elsewhere, created a crisis then that drew attention away from domestic corruption under the Bush administration in 2001, and launched a global war that would distract the world for over 20 years.

9.11 was blamed on Islam, and it was used as an excuse to wage war on numerous nations who had little, or nothing, to do with any of this “terrorism.”

The billionaires made Israel and the United States their toys, using the armies, the economies, and the technologies of these two countries to advance their plans for world domination.

The hidden nature of US-Israel ties was perfect for their preparations.

This informal alliance was the best place to plan for the conquest of the world by global finance–just out of sight, in the corners, on the edges.

The commercialization of the surveillance and control technology developed by Israel in the occupied territories, and its employment across the world, is the hidden part of the current operation, but it must be taken just as seriously.

At this very moment that the Israeli Defense Forces plan to level Gaza, the United States, the European Union and many other countries are implementing radical policies to limit free speech on the internet. This is no coincidence—it is the underbelly of the military plan.

The expertise of Israel in surveillance tracking, in internet control, and in psychological control has been privatized and sold to corporate powers around the world who use it to track and manipulate citizens in the United States and China, in Germany in Russia, virtually everywhere using technologies and expertise controlled by Israeli IT and intelligence firms.

These forces, which have nothing to do with working Jews in Israel, but everything to do with the Israel that is embedded in the spider’s web, have taken over the IT functions of local governments across the United States, and increasingly they are the space where the functions of the police are outsourced to unaccountable forces.

Whether it is the border with Mexico, or downtown Detroit, the United States is becoming the occupied territories. To say the United States is occupied by Israel is not correct, but Israel is being used as the conduit, the means, to extend corporate control over us.

Finally, we must recognize that as this scheme for total global control starts to fall apart, the rich and powerful will quickly launch into a “blame the Jews” campaign, just as they did in the 1930s. The financial collapse will be blamed on Israel, and on the vilified “Jew.” Do not deceive yourself.

If Netanyahu calls the Palestinians “animals” today, future politicians in the United States and Europe will not hesitate to refer to the Jews in similar terms to avoid exposing the true hidden hand of the spider’s web economy spread out in the tainted ashes of the British Empire.

And so here we are. We see the children of the Jews who watched furious Germans and Poles screaming for the murder of the Jews, and what are they doing? They are collaborating with the dark forces planning the liquidation of all Palestinians in Gaza.

A horrible karma has come to pass.

What do we do?

No one in the halls of government in the United States dares to admit that this attack on Israel may have been, probably was, planned by a desperate lot of rich Israelis as a way of making sure their corrupt administration stayed in power—but everyone in Washington knows that forbidden truth. They are just afraid to say it.

No one dares admit that this campaign to flatten Gaza is perfectly designed to spark a war with Iran, which will lead inevitably to a war with Russia, and then to a world war.

But everyone in Washington knows exactly what is happening, and they know why.

Those in the halls of government, looking so respectable and authoritative, repeat fictions, platitudes, and fairy tales, while knowing through a mirror darkly that something quite different is going on, that the gates of hell have been opened wide, even if they are decorated with pretty ornaments to make them seem less dangerous.

And so here we are, in the age of monsters.

What is the answer? There is only one answer. Peace is the answer, but it must be a real peace, a spiritual peace, a peace rooted in the moral, in the righteous. No frauds can bring us peace now.

And what is the solution? There is only one solution. There is only one medicine in the cabinet that has a chance of curing this gangrene of the soul. It is that caustic purgative that we are loath to drink, that bitter tonic known as truth.


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This article was originally published on Fear No Evil.

Emanuel Pastreich served as the president of the Asia Institute, a think tank with offices in Washington DC, Seoul, Tokyo and Hanoi. Pastreich also serves as director general of the Institute for Future Urban Environments. Pastreich declared his candidacy for president of the United States as an independent in February, 2020.

He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

Featured image is from Desertpeace