Some Hamas missiles are getting through Israel’s Iron Dome

No air defence system can shoot down every attacking missile, and Hamas has very large numbers of missiles being built by themselves, and some are getting through.

Hard information is short in supply, despite masses of reports circulating.  Typical of war.  Despite this Alexander Mercouris tries to provide analysis.

The Israelis were enjoying their Yom Kippur holiday.  Hamas numbers are relatively small – a few thousands of troops in total, with no intention to capture or hold Israeli territory.

This is a massive extremely well planed hit and run assault, carried out with flair and tenacity.  Mercouris says this is designed to humiliate the Israeli army and intelligence services.

Several hundred hostages are being held back in Gaza, to be used in negotiations.  Raid intended to consolidate Hamas as the leading resistance force within the Palestinian community.

So far largely successful.

Plan B is to lure Israeli army into Gaza, where they can be steadily picked off, out of their defensive positions.

Israel is launching large air attacks over Gaza.  Unwise, as the risk of getting bogged down in Gaza are high.

Civilians will keep hitting the Israeli army as in the battle of Algiers against the French in the 1950s.

Israeli leaders don’t seem to realise that Hamas wants them to send in the army.

Does Israel have an operational plan?  There are few signs…… yet.

Gaza might turn against Hamas as well.  As yet there is no sign of this happening.


My Turkish friend says the Palestinians have nothing to lose, and will go to heaven if they are killed in battle.

Israelis have a nice life and don’t want to die.  Yet within Gaza they will be slaughtered in good numbers by fanatical fighters who don’t mind dying in their cause.

The mistake Israel made was to give Palestinians nothing to lose.  They might as well fight and die.


Is Israel’s army capable of holding down an insurgency inside Gaza?   Very unlikely.

Meanwhile fighting continues in Southern Israel.

There has been lots of forewarning that a big event was on the way.

Intelligence must have known but government wasn’t listening including in the US government.

UN security council was told matters were reaching boiling point.

TAP – The secret world powers that be clearly wanted a war to break out.  Reptilians created this war, not people.