Slowing down the Great Reset could help to derail it

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Slowing down the Great Reset gives us more time to defeat it and make clear the cabal’s plans–they are on a tight timeline

The elites are moving as fast as they possibly can to create the NWO as they lose Young Global Leader heads of state, more people wake up and YGL Trudeau goofs by applauding a Nazi.


This post is needed to explain what I was getting at in the last post. BTW I did point out that the WHO timelines are confusing and urged readers to read my last post 2 or 3 times. But the usual commenters chaos agents grabbed the opportunity to spread more chaos instead, specifically trying to keep my readers confused. The main chaos agent claims to be an attorney, so I have difficulty accepting that she is merely confused about simple legal issues and other factual matters. She may become the first person I block if she deliberately misleads one more time.

Let me put this another way. I am suggesting ways of throwing roadblocks in front of the WHO by using their own rules against them. James Roguski first suggested this.

When the WHO amends its IHRs, the amendments do not go into effect right away. Under the rules in effect right now, it takes 2 years for the changes to go into effect.

Under the rules in effect right now, nations have up to 18 months to formally opt out of any changes/amendments. Nations who do not opt out under this procedure will be bound to obey the new amendments.

The cabal was unhappy with this timeline, and tried to speed it up. They did they by having the US delegation offer new amendments in January 2022, which were slightly changed and then adopted in May 2022.

The new amendments offered by the USG said nations would have only 6 months to formally opt out in future, and future amendments would go into effect in 18, not 24 months. This was not acceptable (too short a timeline) but what did get accepted in May 2022 was a 10 month window in which nations could opt out of future amendments and 18 months until future amendments would go into effect after being passed.

The upshot is that nations have until December 1, 2023 to opt out of the speeded up timelines that were amended in May 2022.

If nations formally opt out, then any amendments passed in May 2024 will not go into effect for 2 years for that nation, and that nation will still have 18 months in which to formally opt out of future amendments. If one nation formally opts out, it will encourage others to do the same. It could have a snowball effect, which is presumably what the newly commenting chaos agents are trying to prevent.


Many nations are not happy with the WHO negotiations right now, as they were promised lots of gravy and $ to beef up their health systems, as well as the ability to ignore patent claims on drugs and vaccines if they went along with the global biosecurity agenda. Yet the gravy is not currently included in the IHR amendments or treaty. Poorer nations are not getting a say. And they know that it is only at the WHO and UN where their numbers, when acting together, can really have weight. They probably see through yet another white man’s scheme to grab their indigenous viruses and genomes, with only a promise of possible future ‘benefits’ from the new genetic pillage.


The treaty (at the moment referred to as the Accord or CA+) was rewritten in June to speed things up and make it very difficult for nations to get out after they have opted in. The treaty will now go into effect only 30 days (1 month) after the 30th country formally signs on. Once in, if you want to get out from under the treaty, it will take 3 years. Get it? Easy in, hard out.

I suspect that the cabal intends to have the world entirely under its thumb, legally, within that 3 year period. This is why throwing roadblocks at them makes lots of sense.

And while I have not written much about this, the current version of the Accord (the Bureau text) asks nations to sign up to provisions that have yet to be specified and negotiated. This is asking nations to sign a blank check to the WHO, or a blank contract, in which you will only find out what you signed up for at some future date. I think a lot of the developing nations are not buying that either.


So the 11 countries that opted out of the UN’s bullshit attempt to lasso everyone into various consensus positions, by avoiding voting and calling for a silence procedure, would be the most likely ones to start a chain reaction that “Just Says No” to the WHO’s speeded up timelines and future unspecified provisions. We should do everything we can to support slowing things down, and raising the issue of the new timelines—which are only of benefit to the cabal.