1. sovereigntea says:

    5.5 – Purchaser acknowledges that the Vaccine and materials related to the Vaccine, and their components and constituent materials are being rapidly developed due to the emergency
    circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to be studied after provision
    of the Vaccine to Purchaser under this Agreement. Purchas er further acknowledges that
    the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there
    may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known. Further, to the extent
    applicable, Purchaser acknow ledges that the Product shall not be serialized.
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  2. sovereigntea says:

    8.8 – Indemnification by Purchaser. Purchaser hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold
    harmless Pfizer, BioNTech, each of their Affiliates, contractors, sub-contractors, li censors,
    li censees, sub- li censees, distributors, contract manufacturers, services providers, clinical
    trial researchers, third parties to whom Pfizer or BioNTech or any of their respective
    Affiliates may directly or indire ct ly owe an indemnity based on the research, development,
    manufacture, distribution, commercialization or use of the Vaccine, and each of the
    officers, directors, emp loyees and other agents and representatives, and the respective
    predecessors, successors and assigns of any of the foregoing (“Indernnitees”), from a nd
    again st any and a ll suits, cla ims, act ions, demands, losses, damages, li abilities, settlements,
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  3. sovereigntea says:

    cont’d – penalties, fines, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’
    and other counsels’ fees and other expenses of an investigation or litigation), whether
    sounding in contract, tort (delict), intellectual property, or any other theory, and whether
    legal, statutory, equitable or otherwise by any natural or legal person (collectively,
    “Losses”) caused by, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the Vaccine, including
    but not limited to any stage of design, development, investigation, formulation, testing,
    clinical testing, manufacture, labeling, packaging, transport, storage, distribution,
    marketing, promotion, sale, purchase, · licensing, donation, dispensing, prescribing,
    administration, provision, or use of the Vaccine, any information, instructions, advice or
    guidance provided by Pfizer, or BioNTech or any of their respective Affiliates and relating
    to the use of the Vaccine, or any processing or transfer of anyone’s personal information
    processed and transferred by Purchaser to the Indemnitees (“Covered Activities”).

  4. sovereigntea says:

    8.6 – Costs. Costs and expenses, including, without limitation, fees and disbursements of
    counsel, incurred by the Indemnitee(s) in connection with any Indemnified Claim shall be
    reimbursed on a qua,terly basis by Purchaser, without prejudice to Purchaser’s right to
    refund in the event that Purchaser is ultimately held in a final, non-appealable judgment or
    award to be not obligated to indemnify the Indemnitee(s)

  5. sovereigntea says:

    9.4 – Waiver of Sovereign Immunity . Purchaser, on be half of itself and the Republic of South
    Africa, expressly and irrevocab ly waives any right of immuni ty which either it or its assets
    may have or acquire in the future (whether characterized as sovereign immunity or any
    other type of immunity), including any assets controlled by any agency, instrumentality,
    central bank, or monetary authority of the Republic of South Africa

  6. sovereigntea says:

    Purchaser, on behalf of itself and the Republic of South Africa,
    further covenants and agrees not to assert any such immunity in any proceeding in
    connection with this Agreement. Purchaser, on behalf of itse lf and the Republic of Sou th
    Africa expressly and irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of New York , or
    any other cou1t of competent jurisdiction, for the purposes of enforcing any arbitral
    decision, order or awa rd, or any settlement in connection with any arbitration pursuant to
    Section 12.2 and represents and warrants that the person signing this Agreement on its
    behalf has actual authority to submit to such jurisdiction. Purchaser also expressly and
    irrevocably waives the application of any Law in any jurisdiction that may otherwise limit
    or cap its ob ligation to pay damages arising from or in connection with any In demnified
    Claims. Purchaser repre se nts and warrants that the person signing this Agreement on its
    behalf has actua l authority to waive such immunity and bind Purchaser and the Republic
    of Sout h Africa to the limitations of li ab ility and liability waivers set forth herein

  7. sovereigntea says:

    9.6 – Conditions Precedent to Supply.
    b) (iii)
    Purchaser must demonstrate, in a mann er satisfactory to Pfizer, that Pfizer
    and its affiliates will have adequate protection, as determined in Pfizer ‘s
    sole discretion, from li ability for claims a ri sing out of or in connection with
    the Vaccine or its use, including but not limited to, that the Republic of
    South Africa w ill continue funding the Dedicated Fund to meet any and a ll
    indemnification obligations, and wi ll provide as a condition precedent to the
    s igning of this Agreement and supply of doses, documentation showing
    autho ri zati on for the indemnification obligations

  8. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    If this is the same contract that all governments signed, which it most likely is then, it is prima facie evidence that Johnson, Handcock, Whitty and Vallance and plenty others, were lying through their teeth when they told us it was “safe and effective”

    They KNEW that was not verifiable so they were lying. No surprise from obvious lying liars like Johnson and Handcock. But the medical “professionals” should surely have known better

    Convenient timing to release this when everybody is fixated on Gaza and the ongoing genocide there