2 Responses to “Rabbi Ammon Yitzchak – TELLS THE GOALS OF THE NWO.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    It seems like government already owns the schools. Lockdown policy is being introduced with only five days notice. The school claims it is their own policy, not a national policy, and it seems to have no basis in common sense. The sports teams lose all their matches after moving the good players down a leg to B teams or not selecting them at all. Singers hardly ever get a chance to sing, or performers to perform. Children are constantly told they are probably not boys or girls – from the age of four. A few are then locked into hellish lives after being persuaded to transfer genders. Languages are poorly taught, as is sport and music. Children never learn how to present their own ideas to each other, and mumble when reciting poems etc. Children are selected for praise not for objective achievement but for subjective character qualities. The teachers all look depressed, apart from those too stupid to realise what is going on, or those who are of abnormal tastes. The parents are mostly obsessed with buying status symbols, going on foreign travel and enjoying luxuries, apparently unaware their children are being psychologically worked over after being dropped off from the Porsche or whatever, each day. Nearly every child not surprisingly reacts emotionally to the onslaught of stupidity in their school and the removal of fun, excitement and meaning from their lives. Girls are favoured over boys in every possible way. Teachers must be being selected by their willingness to impose an inhuman regime in their zone of operation, crap like this example – https://www.youtube.com/shorts/f13uFqJmwRY

    • David 2 says:

      The attack is to breakdown the family as the centre of society.

      I think you will agree that a home is shelter for a family.

      Housing should not be a hedge fund speculation and out of family reach.