Poll – Bibi’s Latest Bloodbath Proving Unpopular With Israelis – Resign !

Israelis demand Netanyahu resign over war with Palestine

An overwhelming majority of Israeli citizens expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet in connection with the latest rocket attacks by Hamas, according to the latest poll conducted by The Jerusalem Post.

It is reported that 86% of survey participants noted that failure to prevent attacks falls on the shoulders of the country’s government. In addition, 94% of respondents argue that the authorities should be held accountable for their lack of preparedness for aggressive actions by Hamas. This issue becomes especially relevant in the context of recurring conflicts with Palestinian groups in recent years.

Moreover, a significant portion of respondents (56%) believe that Netanyahu should resign after the end of hostilities. This demonstrates the critical attitude of citizens towards the current leadership of the country and highlights a deep crisis of confidence, especially given the length of Netanyahu’s tenure as prime minister and the number of scandals associated with his name.
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