Police use hate crime laws to ban English flag in London

Police ban English flag in London.  We must withdraw from the UK.  First they flew Ukraine’s flag all over England.  Now the Palestinian flag is the flag du jour to favour.  These are flags of wars which are not directly our business.  Our business is our own country – once a country of relative peace and good order, but made into the world capital of war by the UK and the so-called Bank Of England.  England’s flags – we have two – the white dragon as well as the St George cross – are flags of peace and civilization.  We must withdraw from the mayhem-creating so-called United Kingdom – the UK – the Yoke –  the YoK – that grips humanity in its wars.  Peace starts at home and our home is given over to the fostering of wars, while our politicians hide.  It’s time to leave the Yoke, which has brought us down and will destroy us entirely if we don’t get out.

Wear these badges please, and show your support for your own country, which is England by the way, and for peace.  It’s not just the lack of an English Parliament now but full independence from

the war-crazed Yoke..


Available at www.englandcalling.co.uk


One Response to “Police use hate crime laws to ban English flag in London”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Very well said. All these foreign flags are very annoying. They WANT you to take sides, the usual divide and rule. Get us all arguing about foreign countries, rather than the ongoing messes here

    It’s not just the UK though is it. City of London is a big culprit, probably the biggest, but it’s not in the UK. At least we’ve got it surrounded so we should be able to deal with it given the will