2 Responses to “Police State.”

  1. Gordon says:

    Big Brother reply to requesting accurate energy bills instead of estimated bills.

    My complaint,

    I will remind you that having supplied Shell Energy with accurate meter readings on the 12th of every month since being with Shell Energy I am entitled to an accurate bill and not an estimated bill as stated by Ofgem, https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/
    “If you have a non-digital meter and receive an account based on an estimated reading, you can ask your provider to adjust the bill by providing your own meter reading. If the read is not accepted, the retailer must notify you and explain why.” Having previously phoned and emailed Shell Energy requesting the afore-mentioned to no avail I have little option now to raise a formal complaint with Shell Energy and also refer the matter to the Energy Ombudsman.

    Shell Energy reply.

    Hello Gordon

    Hope this email finds you well.

    Regards to your request to change your billing cycle to the 12th, we are not able to action that on the account it is currently the 10th for every month.

    We can also resolve this by getting your meters exchanged. Your current meter for electricity is running out of its life span and I would like to make sure that we do get this exchanged for you in order to make sure you have a meter that is functioning correcting and accurately.

    Benefits of this is:
    -Only pay necessary bills that are accurate no more estimated bills
    -You will be able to control your homes usage which the In Home Display a little monitor where you can keep track of your usage
    -No more need to submit reads, we do gain reads from the meters every months when the bill gets generated
    -It is free
    -Get tariffs that is for your usage


    On looking around for a better deal I find the following from Big-Brother, attached .jpeg. So where does “Your information is secure” that we’re so often told come in about.

    Anyway, I press on and they can stick their snoop-meter were the sun don’t shine.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Bollocks indeed!

      So Shell energy suffers from employing staff who can’t think for themselves too. Just like all the other corporations seem to now. Computer says no…. Computer must be obeyed….. “I must follow my protocols”, a call centre cretin actually said that to me last week

      Shell could easily change the billing date with a flick of a finger. But instead they say that they can’t, and try to sell you a smart meter! Laughable illogical stupidity. Whoever wrote that is a moron, hopefully it was a computer rather than a human, but I doubt it

      My 40+ daughter works in a corporation that employs plenty of young 20 somethings. Zoomers were born mid 1990’s to early 2010’s. The early zoomers have entered the world of work and they are a sorry lot

      They really are very badly educated, can’t think for themselves, have numerous mental issues which they view as normal and are are far too precious for their own good. They have known nothing but the digital panopticon and it shows. It certainly doesn’t bode well for the future