Personal – A friend on Russia & Ukraine


It is sort of relative, but Russia is the good guys and NATO the bad guys.

Fundamentally, Russia has rejected Cultural Marxism, does not allow LGBT Propaganda, does not persecute Christians. NATO does all of these things.

NATO is supporting Ukraine, which is run by a Zionist Jew.

My grandmother is from Ukraine. I have family there. Boost Mobile allows me to call them for free. They hate America for sending money to Zelenskyy, they say he is a monster.

For example, in their village the SVU stopped two teenage girls on the street, they demanded their phones. They had RT on their phones. So in public they beat them, stripped them naked, humiliated and raped them, then summarily executed them. All in public to intimidate the locals.

Zelenskyy is genociding the Ukrainian people. He sends them to the front to die – over 460,000 young men KIA. He sells their widows and orphans to human traffickers.

Russian soldiers that are captured have their organs harvested, if a Ukrainian soldier is seriously wounded, they keep them alive long enough to harvest their organs also.

Zelenskyy wants to make Ukraine the most multicultural nation on earth. He wants to have mass immigration from Africa, the Muslim world and Asia. He hates White People.

Zelenskyy has made Christian churches illegal and actively persecutes Christians. He has the SVU go to any Church Service and rounds up all the Military age men to ship them to the front.

My family tells me that Ukraine is a living hell, and Americans are paying for it to happen.

Did you know that while Zelenskyy was at the UN in September begging for money, his wife went on a shopping spree in New York City and spent $1,100,000 at Cartier’s Jewelry store alone.

She had the manager fire the woman that was assisting her. She was the one that reported how much money she spent. When Ukrainian soldiers die, Ukraine does not give their Widows or Orphans anything, they sell these people.

Zelenskyy is Satan.


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