3 Responses to “I’m not so sure that many Arabs view us as brothers, nor do I need to ask why.”

  1. Belyi says:

    Whoever says these things and it doesn’t matter which nation is the subject of their aim, they are less than human.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    The pictures here are clear, none of these people are Semites they are imposters who have no soul. So, yes Belyi, they are less than human

    Gaza is an easy target for bombs it’s a small place. But my bet is that sending in ground troops is hot air. They will suffer massive losses if they try to take on the well organised Hamas/Hezbollah soldiers in urban warfare

  3. Gordon says:

    From Ben Gurion to Netanyahu they have never known peace. Their minds are the minds of madmen and innocent blood is continually on their hands. They speak with forked tongues talking the talk but never walking the talk.

    The world’s been fooled by a continual lie
    Woe am I is ever their war cry
    To war, to war they ever do go
    Death and destruction at Hamas’s door
    Time comes now and reached a zillion
    The prayer of those that are Palestinian
    Greater by far than their puny six million
    Release us oh Lord from this infernal prison.