2 Responses to “Hungary’s opposition to EU wars grows in confidence as Slovakia elects Robert Fico”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Is that a quote direct from Orban? Kudos if it is, very impressive

    Strange how the recent, so called, “losers” often seem to win in the end isn’t it?

    Fascists vanquished in WW2, only to decamp to the USA and all points west. And then somehow take over the governments there with the help of their oligarch pals

    Ditto the damn Commies. The wall falls, commies are toast but, somehow, we end up in 1984 anyhow. And communism slides in via the global back door of the UN, WHO, EU etc etc

    Fascists and Commies, how to tell them apart? Both want rule by Government and Corporations, and both to the detriment of the people

  2. Tapestry says:

    Democracy is dying in the West, but it starts breaking cover in former Eastern Europe gangster states, hopefully. And the Teds will bring England back once people here truly awaken. Humans are so slow to move, but we do move. Come on folks. Just a touch faster would be nice.