How do you explain it all?

After Mudfossils and the Giants and Dragons I considered the stories about evil immortal “Angels or Watchers”.

I now think most accounts that were thought of as Myths are real accounts …mostly. Ovid and Hesiod and Herodotus etc…..and Appolodorus who speaks of Transfomations of bodies into Landscape…….. it is well recorded. In his Epic Metamorphases Ovid Writes…. “Metamorphosis or transformation is a unifying theme amongst the episodes of the Metamorphoses.

Ovid raises its significance explicitly in the opening lines of the poem: In nova fert animus mutatas dicere formas / corpora; (“I intend to speak of forms changed into new entities;”).[24]

Accompanying this theme is often violence, inflicted upon a victim whose transformation becomes part of the natural landscape.[25″

Did you ever consider if this stuff is true?


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  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    I’ve recently finished “Worlds in Collision” by Velikovsky and it is based on the old texts from all the ancient civilisations, including the ones mentioned above, but far, far, more too. He is relentless in his quotations to the point of overkill. These texts all seem to describe the gods Venus and Mars in conflict, leading to devastation here on Earth. He dates the events to the time of Exodus, in the middle of the second millennium BC

    He posits that Venus was a comet that became a planet after close encounters with both Earth and Mars, fascinating stuff. He thoroughly demonstrates that the upheavals on Earth, flood, fire, plague etc etc were recorded in ancient texts across the planet, and on all continents, with great consistency too. The depth of his study to quote such is mind boggling, he was clearly a tremendous intellect

    All this at a time when our official histories tell us that intercontinental travel was not happening at all. So they all saw the same events in the heavens ,which they recorded in detail. They are not myths according to him, they are real histories recorded at the time they occurred

  2. John says:

    To add weight to the above the word myth originally meant true story.

  3. Tapestry says:

    I’d be interested to know as to how Velikovsky dates the events, especially The Great Boiling Flood.. If all life on earth was boiled to death, then how did Egypt have continuity of existence through this period? Not to mention Babylon, Akkadia and Sumeria. The flood was surely about 9,000/10,000 years ago pre-Gobleki Tepi.

    I note that the website states that Venus was born out of Saturn, not Jupiter. They are The Electric Universe. I prefer Roger Spurrs and Velikovsky’ work which sees Venus as being born from Jupiter. Ju means government, and Piter is peter meaning rock. During the Polar Alignment of the planets Jupiter was not visible from Earth, being behind Saturn, so ancients would assume Venus was born of Saturn, as that was all they could see.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      He dates the events from the dates of the texts in effect Tap, at least the best known dates. They were all produced in the second millennium BC, or thereabouts he says. He says that there was more than one flood too, he mentions events associated with first Venus, and later Mars. Venus devastated Mars as well as Earth according to him

      I don’t recall a boiling flood though. But I was not 100% diligent in reading every word of his book because of his relentless, almost overwhelming, approach to the ancient texts

      I don’t recall him mentioning the seventh or eighth millennium BC either, which would have been the time of Gobekli Tepi. But I wouldn’t swear on that either

      Gobekli Tepi was not even known in 1950 according to the reptiles. Brittanica “first investigated in the 1960s but was dismissed as a medieval cemetery. It was explored again in the 1990s, when its true age, which was estimated by comparing the remnants of tools discovered at the site with those that had been carbon-dated from nearby sites, was revealed”

      Velikovsky’s work doesn’t preclude the other events that you mention though. He comes across as an open minded guy, he’s not being prescriptive about any of this. He just stacks up the evidence, in massive piles, and asks you to decide for yourself. Rather like the philosophy of Tapnewswire in fact