Historical inconvenience – Egypt’s Pharoahs ruled Judaeo-Israel

We do know that the 21st dynasty pharaohs of Tanis (Zoan) did wage wars in the Levant, and ended up ruling all of Judaeo-Israel. In which case Psusennes (David) and Shishak (Solomon) WERE the kings of Jerusalem (Zion), but that was not their capital city.
Their capital was located at Tanis (Zoan).
Note that the entire family and court of Psusennes, have the same names as the family and court of King David, so there is good reason for thinking they are the same monarchy.
I mentioned this to Prof Finkelstein, and he said that just because all the names are the same, does not mean they are the same monarchy.
But Finkelstein’s position is highly political – he cannot say that the real Jerusalem is located in the Nile Delta.
Ralph Ellis in reply to Chat-GPT critique of his books