Follow-up on last post from 20 minutes ago:  Dude in Switzerland just asked me, what is INFORMATION HYGIENE?  In this case, it means TAKE AWAY THEIR GAWDDAYYYUUUM PHONES… or, failing that, the ONLY vids that may be recorded of prisoners, are of them being bound, offerered a smoke (while bound; just put it to their lips), and/or given water or fed by hand (while bound) like a baby.  NOTHING ELSE.  (Corpse videos are highly desirable, but the deceased are also inviolate, no matter how pedo they are.)  Some 19 year-old soldier CANNOT appoint himself the spokesman for all of Israel. I understand that normally Israel takes prisoners in “West Bank” using more mature (usually age 21+) special police or commando teams, w/ regulars providing backup only. In Gaza, the regulars are now doing it. GET IT UNDER CONTROL BEFORE IT BLOWS SKY-HIGH.

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