Grant Shapps “one of the most incompetent people ever”

British Prime Minister Sunak denied Defense Minister Shapps’ statement about sending British troops to Ukraine
October 1 2023

The UK has denied plans by the country’s Defense Minister Grant Shapps to send British troops to Ukraine. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak personally issued a denial.

Shapps’s saber was taken away and he was not allowed to play soldiers, forbidding him from even thinking about sending UK military personnel to Ukraine for any purpose. Sunak, who issued a refutation, emphasized that the press simply did not correctly understand the statement of the Minister of Defense; he did not want to send anyone anywhere, and if he did, it would be after the end, when Ukraine wins. And now – no, no, no one is going anywhere.

What the Secretary of Defense meant was that one day in the future it is quite possible that we will conduct some of this training in Ukraine. But this is for the long term, not here and now – there are no British soldiers who will be sent to fight in the current conflict

– said the British Prime Minister.

It is noted that the new head of the military department of the United Kingdom is very far from military affairs, he does not understand it at all. His appointment is connected with political necessity, as well as the tradition of Western countries to appoint anyone other than a professional military man to the post of Minister of Defense.

Earlier, the British Defense Minister, in an interview with the British press, made several loud statements, ranging from plans to send British ships to the Black Sea, to sending British military personnel to Ukraine to train Ukrainians “on the spot.” He just thought it would be “more effective.” He most likely did not even think about the possibility of escalating the conflict. It would be better to read Dmitry Medvedev’s TG channel, everything is written there clearly and understandably.

Grant Shapps vows the UK stands united with Ukraine after surprise visit to Kyiv • 6 days ago
Grant Shapps vows the UK stands united with Ukraine after surprise visit to Kyiv


The new Defence Secretary has vowed the UK’s continuing support for Ukraine in a surprise visit to Kyiv.

Grant Shapps highlighted the British help supplied after talks with President Volodymr Zelensky.

He said: “It was an honour to meet President Zelensky to assure him that the UK will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine.”


Coming a close second in the incompetence stakes is Foreign Secretary James Cleverly

During an interview with House, James Cleverly said that support for Ukraine cannot be refused. Head of the British Foreign Office:

The situation in the world will worsen significantly if we refuse to support Ukraine. This will be a very bad development.

At the same time, Cleverly openly admitted that the world is increasingly becoming tired of the Ukrainian armed conflict. The British minister added that helping Ukraine is becoming increasingly difficult, as it is more difficult to achieve consensus among allies.


Yes, it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide assistance to Ukraine. It’s very painful. But you need to understand that if you refuse to provide help, it will only get worse.

The head of the British Foreign Office did not specify for whom this would be worse: for British taxpayers, from whose wallets the Sunak government is increasingly extracting money to fuel the Ukrainian conflict? Or maybe it will “only get worse” for the Ukrainian people if the West’s war against Russia at their hands ends?

Let us recall that this week a NATO delegation came to Kyiv, which included the new head of the British Ministry of Defense and the Chief of the General Staff. They probably discussed new sabotage and terrorist attacks on Russia and a further “counter-offensive” plan.

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