Gaza Israel sorts the sheep from the goats

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I did lose about 100 overall subscribers since yesterday, which I suspect is due to the Israel-Gaza post, while I have gained some paid subscribers. Now I understand better why so few pundits have been willing to talk about the ways Israel seems to have allowed the attack to happen, or how Israel may have deliberately bombed a hospital where thousands of Gazans sought safety: they fear losing their readers and support.

To me, this is more reason to condemn all violence, particularly when it is deliberate violence against civilians… which, by the way, is illegal under the rules of war, at least those of the US. Not that the US obeys. But meeting violence with violence simply begets more violence, as everyone knows. So why are we cheering for one side or the other when both are attacking the innocent? Why aren’t we calling for a ceasefire while we sort out exactly what happened? Why is withholding food and water from Gaza okay?

There is a wonderful phrase, “The fog of war” that encapsulates the fact that while people are fighting, all you will hear about the conflict are spin and lies. So I call for a ceasefire and a deep investigation of WTF actually happened and is happening. That is where I stand. The old testament called for an eye for an eye. That was thousands of years ago. Are we no more civilized now?

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