Gaza is a huge distraction – Netanyahu has been managing TWO genocides

Israelis know that he LET Hamas slaughter them, in furtherance of the vast depopulation effort started by the “vaccination” drive (a drive dictated not by Zionists, but by his GLOBALIST cohorts)

The following piece went up the day before the bloody raid on Israel, telling of a child who had “died suddenly” of cardiac arrest, at eight years old—three years after being used by Israel’s “health” establishment (and, specifically, his own father, a pediatrician) to get Israeli children “vaccinated,” and obey all other “COVID measures.”

Tragedy: 8-year-old featured in COVID propaganda video dies after cardiac arrest

Child and puppet convinced children there’s ‘no choice’ about jabs, quarantines, masks, distancing, tests

October 6, 2023

An Israeli child has died three years after appearing with his father, who is a pediatrician, in a government film informing children that they have no choice about whether to take the COVID vaccine when it becomes available.

Although the Israeli media has blacked out all such news as thoroughly as in (say) Canada, Australia and New Zealand (and China), the toll of “vaccination” there, in that small country, has been so obvious that many people get it, though most have kept that awareness to themselves. Thus they’ve been far more outspoken in protesting Netanyahu’s dictatorial “judicial overhaul,” which was reported audibly by the Israeli media, as well as “our free press” throughout the West.

So Netanyahu had good reason to allow that hideous attack—to get Israelis to forget about the toll of “vaccination” and their anger over his attempt to seize control of Israel’s courts. Of course, such “wag the dog” manipulation has been used forever to get people to forget news inconvenient to the government—as (say) Ronald Reagan scored his smashing military triumph in Grenada, to “save the medical students” there (though they were in no danger), and thereby change the subject from the 241 Marines killed in Lebanon (where they’d been sent for no good reason); and as Bill Clinton bombed civilian neighborhoods in Belgrade, to halt what “our free press” portrayed as Serbian “genocide,” and thereby change the subject from the scandal over his dalliance with Monica Lewinsky.

But such American examples of the strategy were, of course, far less shattering, and therefore more successful, than Netanyahu’s gambit, since they entailed no deaths in the US, but only very far away, where (needless to say) no Americans had any idea what was really happening, since “our free press,” in both cases (and as usual), hid the one-sided “combat” in a fog of propaganda from the DoD. Netanyahu’s move was exponentially more catastrophic than the prior tricks played by those US presidents, since it entailed the deaths, and other grievous suffering, of some 1,200 Israelis—a fact that’s now quite clear to ever more of the Israeli people, for whom Netanyahu’s bald inaction is clear proof that Hamas’ raid was no “surprise attack” (any more than “wildfires” caused the torching of Lahaina), but a move against themselves by their own government—a move that has now reconfirmed their quiet sense that Netanyahu’s “vaccination” drive was lethal, by design.

And so, while millions of Americans, and “our free press,” are fervently supporting Netanyahu, his own people want him out—a fact ignored by nearly all the US press:




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  1. newensign says:

    Yes Pete, it is always the same people that manipulate us into going to war. Names and isms are just distractions for they control all sides. They hate the white Christian Caucasians who they want removed from the face of the earth. They will kill their own people to achieve that aim.