4 Responses to ““FALSE FLAG: We Just Had Another 9/11 Inside Job in Israel””

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    I saw that Netenyahoo was saying “this is our 9/11”

    This was very telling. Because Israel was certainly a big player in 9/11 and Israel is a big player in Hamas as well

    Both of the official stories were simply ridiculously stupid:

    9/11 set up by a ex-CIA agent in a cave in Afghan and undetected by the biggest military and intelligence state on the planet

    Paragliding Hamas killers flying out of Gaza and undetected by the biggest military and intelligence state in the Middle East

    Both are such stupid stories that a child could see through them. But both are parroted endlessly by our so called free independent media as though they are real. Talking heads spewing BS for all they are worth

    How could any critical thinker believe any of it? Why don’t more people speak up? Maybe they are so numbed by the never ending obvious lies that they tune out and let it wash over them

    it’s hard to know how many of the deaths are real. But I expect that there are plenty of innocent civilian victims on both sides of the Gaza prison walls

    • sovereigntea says:

      There is also much mention of “a Pearl Harbour Moment” a re-run of the PNAC script.

      What falls from the now silvery sky ends up in our lungs and our water supply. Very active up there of late,

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Same here sov. When its not cloudy then, the trails criss cross the sky. Depressing to see tbh. Can’t help but think it’s related to all the bugs and colds that folk have currently got

      • ian says:

        Yep, it must be everywhere, at least over Britain.