Conservatives grant 1.2 million visas in a year – Robin Tilbrook

It could easily be that the 1.2m visas equals 3m people, or more, coming
here in one single year – legally!

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman English Democrats.  Nottingham Conference. 2023

Chairman’s Overview of the state of politics in England
I have been reading. As you may all have guessed I am an avid reader.

I have recently been reading Matthew Goodwin’s book called ‘Values, Voice
and Virtue the new British Politics’.

Matthew Goodwin is a Professor of Politics at Kent University, Canterbury.

Although I do not think he is really on our side, he is at least an academic who
is genuinely prepared to faithfully report the results of his research, rather than
to try to skew it in order to advance some sort of political dodgy agenda.

The interesting point that he makes is that it is actually the British Political Elite
who are the real revolutionaries.

They are the ones who now have “transitioned the British State” into a multi-
culturalist, globalist/internationalist, Liberal values, New World order
supporting State, that keeps promoting the agenda of multi-culturalism against
the wishes of the majority of people in this country.

Professor Goodwin calculates that, from all his opinion polling and other
research, there are at most 20% of the population that supports this agenda and
at least 60% that oppose it!

Also, as the agenda of the new British elite is pushed more and more upon the
rest of the population what is happening is that gradually our people are waking
up to it and when they do they are wanting to oppose it.


He puts Brexit and the vote for Boris Johnson in the 2019 election as being
firmly in the category of people beginning to resist the new elite’s multi-
culturalist revolution.

So Ladies and Gentlemen we are not the Revolutionaries according to Professor
Goodwin! We are the Reaction to the New Elites’ Revolution!

One of the interesting things that he points out is that the new British elite,
were not only furious about the Brexit vote and also about Boris Johnson
breaking the deadlock in Parliament and even more so about his getting a
General Election landslide victory, but, instead of them learning their lesson,
they have doubled down on their positions and have become much more
hysterical about things like Black Lives Matter, Taking the Knee, Refugees
Welcome, Trans Rights and other cultural Marxist agendas attacking their usual
targets of Faith, Flag and Family. This he thinks has big implications for what
is going to happen politically over the next five years, which I will come to.

In my view Professor Goodwin’s analysis makes perfect sense once you think
about it.

It is an important analysis as it actually changes our viewpoint about what needs
to be done.

Now we can see that it is not people with traditional values and who are
patriots, who are the extremists. It is the woke, politically correct, radical,
progressives who are the extremists! It is that elitist revolutionary extremism
which the majority of our people are reacting against.


Professor Goodwin thinks, with good evidence, that this is happening, not only
in Britain, but also across much of the West, with Alternative for Deutschland
in Germany, the National Rally in France, the Sweden Democrats etc., etc., in
Europe and of course Trumpism in the United States.

So what are the issues that are being foisted upon us here in England which are
causing the most reaction?

Head of the list has got to be mass immigration. It is worth pointing out that
Boris Johnson got his electoral landslide by promising to get Brexit done and
also promising to control our borders. What he actually did was re-hash
Theresa May’s terrible EU deal and also he dramatically and vastly increased
the amount of legal immigration coming into our country.

He did this by reducing the threshold amount that had to be earned for skilled
workers to below the average wage, also by hugely increasing the number of
student visas. Foreign students (primarily from India and Nigeria) are now
allowed to come here themselves to study and also bring their families with
them and also to remain here after their studies.

In the last full year the fake Conservatives have granted over 1.2m visas!

Ladies and Gentlemen I have to tell you that a visa is not just an individual, it is
for families of up to 12.

In these circumstances it is clear that the mainstream media are misleading our
people in claiming that, if you deduct the numbers of people who have left our
country as against the 1.2m visas you get a figure of somewhat over 600,000 net


That calculation is completely wrong and dishonest.

In fact it could easily be that the 1.2m visas equals 3m people, or more, coming
here in one single year – legally!

This is thanks to the fake Conservative Government’s keenness to promote
multi-culturalism and also to increase the profits of their globalist big business

Let’s consider the geo political issue of migration which shows why this is such
a big issue. In 1950, the population of Europe was about 550 million, while the
population of Africa was 220 million. Today, the population of Europe is 750
million, while Africa’s is 1.5 billion. The Middle East has witnessed similar
levels of population growth in recent decades.

Taking a long-term view of history in his book “In his book, Powers and
Thrones, historian Dan Jones identifies as an omen of Rome’s final decline the
elite’s catastrophic response to climate change and immigration.

In the middle of the 4 th Century, Asia was hit by a mega-drought. The Huns
moved west, terrorising the Goths and driving them to the eastern border of the
Roman empire where they begged to be let in.

Emperor Valens faced a dilemma; on the one hand, letting them in would be a
logistical nightmare. On the other, it would be both decent and expedient:
Rome needed the workers and taxes. Valens chose to open the doors. But the
infrastructure did not exist to feed and employ these people and the
bureaucracy failed to distinguish between legal Goth settlers and illegal


barbarians. Rome found within its borders a large population “alienated from
their homelands but with no love for their host country” and they revolted. St
Jerome hyperbolically described the lands they plundered as devoid of beasts,
birds and fish, with nothing left but “the sky and the earth”.

Robin Tilbrook introducing Tap at Conference – taken by Erhan Engin

So Ladies and Gentlemen what about the Civil Service? The Daily Telegraph
recently did an expose.


Thirty days of Pride and lessons on white supremacy: inside Whitehall’s woke
training regime
Government staff were urged to 'dress up for Pride' and bombarded with
material on white privilege, leaked internal communications reveal

Leaked papers have revealed how workers in government departments are
bombarded with material about white privilege and supporting Black Lives

The extent to which radical gender and race ideology is imposed on the Civil
Service has been laid bare by a dossier of internal communications leaked to
The Telegraph.

Staff in Government departments are being taught about gender ideology, which
affirms the idea that people can choose their gender, while those with legally
protected gender critical beliefs, who believe that you cannot change your
biological sex, say they are bullied into silence.

Instead of clearing backlogs from the pandemic, staff are spending work time
on attending lectures on LGBT+ issues or watching videos telling them
biological men can use women-only facilities if they self-identify as female.
In one department, staff shared a “30 days of Pride” calendar, with daily videos
and articles on topics including “transgender children” and “the history of
the Stonewall riot”, that contained six hours of content.
Workers in government departments are also being bombarded with material
about white privilege and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.


A group of 42 staff members has now written to Simon Case, the Cabinet
Secretary, warning that impartiality in the Civil Service is at risk and the woke
takeover of Whitehall could affect policy decisions.

Gender advice at the MoJ

A diversity group in the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) claimed that “in many
societies” the belief in two genders “is a product and tool of colonialism and
white supremacy”.

The MoJ’s Gender Equality Network, one of a myriad of groups within the
Civil Service set up by staff to discuss subjects such as diversity, circulated a
newsletter in July 2022 to its members that discussed gender identity, pronouns
and non-binary people.

The newsletter said: “Depending on the culture, people who identify as other
genders have been associated with sacred powers, spirituality and are thought to
be blessings to the family and community they are born into.
“Many North American Indigenous tribes had no constructs of gender and
embraced its fluidity before colonisation.

“In many societies, the gender binary is a product and tool of colonialism and
white supremacy.”

The document also promoted a non-binary activist who claimed in a television
interview in September 2022 that “there’s as many genders as there are people”.
The remarks were made by Alok Vaid-Menon, a self-described gender non-
conforming and transfeminine writer, who was included as a part of a list of


“brilliant people in public life who are blazing a trail for a different way of
thinking about gender”.

The newsletter also urged civil servants to use gender-neutral language. They
were told: “Starting a meeting, speech or presentation with, ‘Ladies and
Gentlemen’… assumes that everyone in your audience identifies as either a
women [sic] or a man, which may not be the case.”

In a section on pronouns, the newsletter said: “Non-binary people sometimes
use gender-neutral pronouns like they/them, but there’s a great variety of others,
including ve/ver and zie/zim.”

Don’t say mum and dad‌

Since June, the Department for Business and Trade’s LGBT network has hosted
five “LGBTQ+ allies training” sessions during work hours, including one
session in which staff were told not to use the phrase “mum and dad” as it might
cause offence.

Civil servants were told it was best practice to “ask about pronouns and
introduce your own”.‌

Bathroom restrictions ‘inappropriate’

Civil servants at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
(Defra) are told in official diversity training it is “inappropriate behaviour” to
block biological men who identify as women from using female bathrooms.
Documents seen by The Telegraph state: “This course should be completed by
all staff”.


In a training video for new staff, officials are told: “Many transgender people
experience inappropriate behaviour both in the workplace and in their daily
lives,” before they are shown a series of scenarios played by actors.

One example features an actress telling a trans woman: “wrong door, love, the
gents is down the hall” when they attempt to enter a female bathroom.
The trans woman tries to continue to the lavatory, before being told: “Look,
you’re not coming in here. You some kind of pervert or something?”

Under the Equality Act 2010, gender reassignment is a protected characteristic.
But the act also gives legal protection to those with gender-critical beliefs,
including the belief that people cannot change their sex.

However, civil servants with gender-critical beliefs have complained they are
being discriminated against by a cross-Whitehall culture that states they are in
the wrong.

In a letter from 42 civil servants to the Cabinet Secretary in April, officials said
they live with a “pervasive fear” they will be victimised for their beliefs on

In the Foreign Office, civil servants are given guidance stating that trans staff
can “use whichever toilet they feel most comfortable using”, stressing that
“people have nothing to fear from trans people in toilets” and “that it is
unacceptable to insist that a trans person is only permitted to use a gender-
neutral toilet, or a disabled toilet”.


The guidance continues: “Should other employees object to this, you should
explain that using the correct facilities forms an important part of gender

In a “Race Action Newsletter” to DWP officials in June 2023, which was
“dedicated to Windrush Day and Pride Month,” officials were urged to “Dress
Up For Pride”.

The newsletter told civil servants: “Rather than dress down Fridays, colleagues
are encouraged to visibly show their Pride with snazzy outfits, whether that’s as
individuals or as teams.”

‘White supremacist worldview’

‌Aside from compiling departmental guides on LGBTQ+ issues, civil servants
are also spending time putting together documents on white privilege and the
importance of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Official guidance for staff in the Department for Business and Trade on race
equality and inclusion at work, which was updated in March this year, explains
how senior HR and diversity officials “provide support to staff impacted by the
Black Lives Matter events”.

The department launched several immediate and long-term responses to
the BLM riots in the summer of 2020, which included its press office launching
a discussion on ways to “educate others” on topics including “white privilege”
and “black literature”.


A memo from REACH (the Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage Network) for
“allies” of ethnic minorities, said part of the organisation’s mission was to help
staff “unlearn racism”.

The network claimed that: “Hardships for white people are never because of the
colour of our skin in this country or workplace.”

Officials were told they could “be an effective white ally” by “acknowledging
white privilege” and by reading the controversial book White Fragility by Robin
DiAngelo, which argues that “white people raised in Western society are
conditioned into a white supremacist worldview”.

In May this year the DWP held a 90-minute remembrance ceremony for George
Floyd, the black man who suffocated after a white policeman pressed his knee
onto his neck in a roadside arrest in the US three years ago.

During a DWP divisional meeting nominally discussing Universal Credit in July
2020, a “Parents’ guide to Black Lives Matter” was distributed by a staff
member in the wake of Floyd’s death.

The document, authored by the childcare agency Yoopies, included a section
entitled The Dangers of Saying My Child Isn’t Racist, and urged parents to
explain concepts such as white privilege.

A government spokesman said: “As required by the Civil Service Code, and as
the public rightly expects, all civil servants must act impartially.

“Where any individual is found to be breaking the Civil Service Code,
appropriate action will be taken.


“We are introducing new Impartiality Guidance which will provide added
clarity to staff on maintaining impartiality on diversity and inclusion issues.”

So what about the whole Trans Genderism and the Multi-culuturalist
LGBGTQ+ campaign? The shrillest pushing of the multi-culturalist agenda has
of course occurred under supposed Conservative leadership in this country.

Don’t think for a moment Ladies and Gentlemen that this is an accident.

I would remind you of David Cameron’s comment about gay marriage in which
he said that he was not a supporter of “gay marriage despite being a
Conservative but because (he was) a Conservative”. That of course is not being
a Conservative in any meaning that any ordinary sensible person would call

That is a bit of the veil being pulled aside to show that actually the
Conservatives are just as multi-culturalist, just as liberal valued, just as globalist
as the Labour Party and the LibDems.

The difference is that those two parties openly say that they are multi-

Although I should say that it is interesting that when campaigning in Red Wall
areas, the Labour Party still falsely claims that they are interested in
representing the English White Working Class. I believe that less and less
people are believing that story and Matthew Goodwin does provide very good
evidence for the growing gulf between the English White Working Class and
Labour as people come to understand that they have been conned.


So Ladies and Gentlemen are you LibLabConned?

I have had some interesting conversations with people recently about Gay Pride
the Gay Pride Marches. What I find is that most people assume that Gay Pride
Marches are funded by the participants and supporting businesses.

In fact, as we discovered when we won the Mayoralty in Doncaster, the entire
cost of running Gay Pride comes out of the taxpayers’ pockets!

I say pockets because the sly way in which this has been set up was to take
£12,500 a year for Doncaster Gay Pride March:- £2,500 from Metropolitan
Borough Council, £2,500 from the Fire Brigade budget, £2,500 from the Police
budget, £2,500 from the NHS budget and last but not least £2,500 from the
Regional Development Agency. We found that the Doncaster Gay Pride
organisers had a regular circuit of 30 plus towns in which they take similar sums
and are therefore provided by the taxpayer with a permanent income.

Ladies and Gentlemen I think the important thing to focus on here isn’t the
scamming and misuse of public money, it is that the whole Gay Pride agenda is
a State sponsored project!

We should note that this State sponsored project has been just as much
supported by the fake Conservatives as by the other British Establishment

Turning now to the parties here in England.

The Conservative Party


What have they been doing for 13 years? – Lying to us
What is Suella Braverman about? Standard Conservative lies.
The Cons pretended to be Eurosceptics when really they were the most pro-EU

Liz Truss is now looking to come back as Leader if Rishi Sunac is defeated in
the General Election

Professor Goodwin says about Liz Truss:-

“…and the Conservative Party’s disastrous experiment with ‘Trussonomics’ , a
return to the supply-side politics of Thatcherism. Calls to remove a cap on
bankers’ bonuses, slash taxes for high earners, put financial services, London,
and the south-east on steroids and retain a strong commitment to global free
trade and mass immigration signalled not a bold new offer that was in tune with
the post-Brexit realignment but rather a return to the broken politics of the elite
revolution which much of the country had already rejected.

Trussonomics was completely adrift from the economic and social outlook of
voters who had been drifting around the political landscape for years, looking
for an alternative to the broken status quo. As the British Social Attitudes
survey made clear, in late 2022, only one in twenty voters, including just 7 per
cent of Conservative voters, shared Liz Truss’s instinctive desire to slash taxes
and cut spending on public services. The vast majority of people in the country,
including most Conservatives, either wanted to keep taxes and spending as they
are or increase them further. Nor did they support her continued commitment
to large-scale migration.


Rather than lean into the new, unfolding realignment, then, the Conservative
Party openly rejected it by seeking to return to the old broken consensus.
Against the backdrop of Partygate, Trussonomics cost the party another twelve
points in the polls and sent it crashing to some of its lowest support in British
polling history. By the time Truss was replaced by Rishi Sunak, after only forty-
four days in the job, the party’s reputation for economic competence had been
shredded while the number of voters who saw the Conservative Party as out of
touch with ordinary people, incompetent, on the side of a small elite and as
having no clear purpose rocketed. Together, Partygate and Trussonomics was
a brutal and self-inflicted two-punch combination.

But at a deeper level, the inability of the Conservative Party to remain
connected with the realignment is about more than this. While the party briefly
tapped into the underlying fissures over values, voice, and virtue to rally an
impressive coalition in 2019, it then became clear that neither the party nor its
MPs, who lean further to the cultural left and further to the economic right than
their new voters, ever really knew what to do with this new coalition of

On an array of issues which reflect the importance of the new cultural axis in
politics, such as legal and illegal immigration, diversity, gender politics, free
speech, preserving and promoting a distinctive national identity, and pushing
back against a minority of radical progressives in the institutions, the
Conservative Party struggled to appear in tune with its more traditionalist
voters and find new cross-cutting issues which, like Brexit, might have
otherwise allowed the party to hold its unique coalition together at the next


Labour Party – Sir Kier Starmer – Taking the Knee for Black Lives Matter –
says it all!

Liberal Democrats – Sir Ed Davey – Clearly some women have penises! Says
it all.

Reform UK is a For Profit Limited Company and Nigel Farage remains a
principal shareholder.

Here is what was said about him in the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday this week:-
“Asked why he had decided to show up to Ms Truss’s talk, Mr Farage, the former
UKIP leader, replied: “I absolutely, 100 per cent believe in her”.

Accusing Tory MPs of making a “huge mistake” by ousting her last October, Mr
Farage added: “It’s policy that interests me. I think this woman has shown that she’s
able to stand up, take the abuse and fight for what she believes in”.

Referencing the Morecambe and Wise sketch, he joked the ill-fated mini-Budget saw
Ms Truss “playing all the right notes, just not in the wrong order”.

So Ladies and Gentlemen I wonder what Matthew Goodwin would have to say
about Nigel Farage now?

I have been invited to speak at their conference next week

We are forming an Electoral Pact – Patriots Alliance


English Democrats

We are standing in the parliamentary By-election in Mid Bedfordshire – our
candidate is Antonio Vitellio – our leaflet is very good.

Police Commissioner Candidates – Myself, David Dickason, Antonio Vitellio –
we have a very good general leaflet to raise awareness.

We could do with more candidates so please do consider standing.

This is what Professor Goodwin says about the coming opportunity:-

“In the end, all realignments are about demand and supply. And while public
demand for a very different politics remains on full display in modern Britain,
reflected in the large number of people who say none of the main parties
represent their values, who feel excluded by the institutions and believe they are
being looked down upon by a progressive elite, the Conservative elites in
Westminster consistently struggled to supply this demand with an appealing,
resonant message.

Rather than address the divides that have powered the turmoil and turbulence
of the last decade, therefore, the failure of all the main parties to respond to
them has left more than enough space for yet another revolt against the new
elite. It is revealing, for example, that in the final days of 2022 only one in ten
of the people who had voted for Boris Johnson three years earlier had defected
to Labour while a much larger number had either drifted into apathy, no longer
sure who to vote for, or to the national populist Reform party, which is aligned
to Nigel Farage. In late 2022, one poll suggested that 28 per cent of British
people, including 43 per cent of Brexit voters, would be interested in supporting


a new populist party, while other polls have suggested that one-third of the
country would potentially be open to a party that specifically campaigned to
lower immigration.

All three of the revolts that reshaped British politics over the last decade – the
rise of populism, Brexit and the post-Brexit realignment of the Conservative
Party – were supposed to bring the rulers and the ruled closer together. But, in
the end, they have done no such thing. Much like a decade ago, a large swathe
of the electorate appear disgruntled and disillusioned with a new elite that does
not reflect their values, represent their voice, or treat them with the same
degree of respect and dignity as other groups in society.

And so now, once again, more than six years after the vote for Brexit, many
people in the country are searching around for a radical alternative that will
allow them to launch a revolt against the growing power of the elite. The only
question that remains is what form this radical alternative will take and when it
will arrive.”


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