Can you join the dots?

  1.  UK hotels fill with UN soldiers from Afghanistan, Iraq, Albania and others.    King Charles’ Black Watch Regiment (hidden from sight on boats) and RNLI bring them into England.
  2.  Britain’s armed forces are all sent abroad to ‘assist’ Ukraine.
  3. The British Police are disarmed.
  4. Schools have their armouries closed.
  5. The public not allowed to carry guns – all firearms licensed and supervised.
  6. UK has agreed that EU control our Police (Nice Treaty – still not repealed)
  7. UK has agreed that UN can base unlimited number of soldiers on our soil
  8. The English Democrats rightly seek English independence from the UK, in order to nullify these illegal treaties.
  9. The legal basis of the amalgamation of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland guarantees the rights of the citizens, all illegally thrown away by the UK.
  10. END THE UK.  VOTE TEDS.  The English Democrats.   One Day Conference 7th October.  Nottingham.  For English Independence.  Stay Free Another 1000 Years.


2 Responses to “Can you join the dots?”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Go Teds!

    Just one minor quibble Tap, school armouries? When did they ever exist?

  2. Tapestry says:

    CCF. Cadets. Epsom Murders. Whether fake or real at GDST school Epsom (I would think more likely a fake news report with the actors nicely paid off and still alive), the law since enforced removal and separation of weapons and ammunition at schools nationwide. So no school could lend weaponry to Police forces etc or people who wanted to stop foreign soldiers from carrying out a reign of terror on our people.