7 Responses to “Breaking News. ??”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    I’m not buying it. No names, no location, no evidence whatsoever other than a voice. If he’s really blowing the whistle in this “anonymous” manner then he’s very naive to think that he won’t be identified by the spooks pdq

    He says the boxes are full of AK47’s? Russian guns then

    Further, if this is true for his large hotel, 250 person capacity he says then, presumably it is happening elsewhere to other hoteliers too. And yet he is the only one to speak out? Not one of them has spoken up other than him? Not credible

    Finally, is the UK military that watertight, and that efficient? No it ain’t. The old military saying used to be SNAFU didn’t it, Situation Normal All F*cked Up. Real soldiers knew that was how things worked, or I should say, how things didn’t always work properly. I don’t know a lot about the UK military, other than MSM BS, but I’d be amazed if such a large scale covert operation could avoid exposure

    Hope I’m correct, I might not be I suppose

    • ian says:

      I acknowledge all your points Pete. As my post comment suggests. I thought about all these things too. re the AK 47, I feel that all semi auto combat weapons look the same to Joe public, so it could be that. As you mention re other hoteliers not speaking out you say it yourself, they’d easily be identified, a good reason not to speak up. As for SNAFU, we would be dealing with special ops here, which I as an ex catapult owner, would imagine are a cut above.
      I also may be incorrect, but like you, I hope you are.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        I once played pool with a few US “special ops” guys outside that massive military base south of Tacoma, in Washington State. At least that’s what they said they were. This was nearly 35 years ago and I was a pretty handy pool player in those days [too much time in pubs I suppose]

        Anyhow we had a bit of a session together. Quite a few beers and all very friendly, over the whole evening in a boozer with a rock band. They certainly looked the part, could have snapped me like a twig if they wanted to 🙂

        Thing is, they didn’t seem that smart to me. We chatted about anything and everything, other than their jobs, and I wasn’t impressed at all. Maybe the were BSing me who knows. But I ‘d certainly hope our SO guys were a bit smarter,

        • ian says:

          Hope you’re correct Pete. I discarded my catty since I got dupuytrens contracture in my hands, so I’m now unarmed, and given my age, not very dangerous, and covered in little round bruises from getting poked by ten foot barge poles.

          • pete fairhurst 2 says:

            So you are a Viking too! My day had Dupuytrens, told me it was a Scandinavian gene

            I always carry a weapon Ian. Mine is a Leatherman Micra it’s got a 2 inch blade, sharp scissors, 3 screwdrivers and a bottle opener, plus a nail file. The nail file is the most used tool, for removing the constant gardening dirt from under my nails, and the odd manicure too. But still, the blade is lethal because I keep it razor sharp, I’ve cut myself more than once 🙂

            I don’t have barge pole syndrome though, too sociable with the locals. Even though 90% of them are jabbed with the mark of the beast ,they are mainly decent sorts

            • ian says:

              Lol, Yep, call me Thor. Yeah Pete I get on great with everyone too, but as you say, many are still getting boosted. I was really disappointed when a friend of long standing, who I thought had seen the light got the latest one. Take care Pal.

        • Belyi says:

          Interesting you should say that because one of my long-time friends from the US married a colonel in the USAF. They came to visit me and I visited them in Kuwait and the US.

          I never took to Gus; he seemed pretty stupid to me. I had to keep telling myself that with his job he couldn’t be that daft.

          Several years later when the shine had worn off the marriage, my friend was saying he was ‘full of s**t’, so I guess my first impression was probably right.