Blue is the Colour… But Why?

Problem Reaction Solution Israel Style

By now anyone who still retains the capacity for critical thought has worked out that Problem Reaction Solution is in full swing in the middle east. It’s too early to work out exactly what is going on but I feel it is the beginnings of the next stage of the plan for the new world system.

We Got a Problem does some good and hard hitting pieces. I was especially interested to see the comment below under his video. It looks deep to me so I’ll follow it up but the commenter may be on to something.

Check out the YouTube channel Radiation Matters. The guy has done a lot of work and research into the use of radiation and colours and how human energy can be harvested and manipulated. Especially through blue shift radiation. It seems the powers that be are trying to manifest something in to this world. Possibly the god of the Israelites perhaps?

Over the years a lot movies, videos, stories and books etc. have carried the narrative of “something is coming”. Maybe that something is nearly here.

Radiation Matters YouTube Channel


One Response to “Blue is the Colour… But Why?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The defeat of the West by Russia and China is imminent, with Rothschilds in control of Moscow and Beijing from the start.