Bloom on Ukraine at Teds.

Russia has already won…..?

Listen to Godfrey Bloom, MEP of UKIP at one time, slagging off Boris Johnson and Trump.

I’d have them shot, says Bloom. He supports the Teds (English Democrats), without being a Party member, wearing the Libra (pound sign) in England’s colours.

The Pound Sterling was England’s currency before we gave it to the UK and saw it decimated in value by inflation 3000 times since 1914.

England’s currency was a Pound in weight of Sterling Silver.  16 ounces was a month’s pay for workers, for a thousand years, the Pound giving England’s people liberty and livery.

L for Libra (the Roman word for pound). L for Liberty. L for Livery – all derived from the Latin word Libra (Livre, Lira).  The L shape on banknotes to this day.

When silver was money, and not pieces of paper, inflation was unheard of.  First paper money replaced silver currency, and then the link to gold and silver was ended in 1914 and inflation took off.

Without real money in your pocket you are a controlled slave, was the theme of my talk.

Central Bank Digital Currencies are merely the leg irons of your slavery. (Banking was discussed by Katherine Blaiklock, founder of Brexit Party with Farage, suggesting digital money was all great. I disagreed with her.)

Godfrey too is no one’s slave. He speaks with freedom in his soul. Wars are a waste of blood and treasure, he says.

As with Goebbels, you must not tolerate even one word of dissent, he added. War runs on propaganda, as does climate change.

Filmed and presented by Jeff Taylor.



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  1. NPP says:

    Bloomin’ marvelous address.
    A credit to England, Godfrey Bloom.