3 Responses to “Batshit Bonkers Britain.”

  1. Gordon says:

    Yeah, another little trick they – MPs and councillors – like to play is the holiday ploy.

    Start asking uncomfortable questions and you’ll get notice stating “I’m on holiday from such and such to such and such” usually ten days.

    The best was a few years ago when I was making things very uncomfortable for my local councillor who had just returned after the Xmas – New Year break, 3rd January, but was now going on vacation for ten days commencing 8th January.

    Aye right! They caw me Cupid, no stupid.

  2. NPP says:

    Indeed Katie, you make good points, but there is a school of thought that suggests Zionists created cultural Marxism, were instrumental in the ‘neocon’ wars such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine… and continue to interfere in our Zionist Occupied Governments UK, US, Canada, the €U etc. Israeli charities also involve themselves in mass migration charities which have led to the infestation of political Islam in e.g. Londonistan & hence anti-Zionist Israeli protests.

    Bonkers Zionist Britain it is.