Banks – Bad Assed Nefarious Kamikaze Scammers


“No matter how many traits make up the Alliance for New Normality, ultimately Deep Throat’s adage still holds good: ”Follow the Money”.

The only money that counts in this neoliberal cesspit we inhabit is banker money, multinationally aligned ”Globalist” money, Secret State Control money and hitech billionaire money. Because in a world of Demigod megalomaniacs, it represents power – and most important of all, power that is almost completely unelected and answerable to nobody that matters.

It is Third Reich power in the hands of people who no longer need vast conquering armies: the present day genocidalists do not invade, they simply buy minds by selling fear, and maintaining imagined fear via a continuum of protection rackets that Capone’s South Side Chicago mob could only have dreamt about.

By far the most experienced of all these groupings are the Banks. As long ago as 1916, Henry Ford remarked, ”It is well enough that the people of our nation do not understand the banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”.

Every single element of banking, currency value and gold prices over the last ninety years has gradually made central, investment and retail banking immune to any kind of meaningful law or control. The thinly disguised devaluation of gold in 1932 under FDR and the crookery of Hitler’s books-cooker Hjalmar Schacht (perhaps the most amazing Nuremberg acquittal of all) was followed after the Second World War by a growing relationship between the then OSS (later the CIA) and banking interests that led to the Bay of Pigs Cuban fiasco, almost certainly bankrolled the JFK assassination and in turn paved the way for the Wall Street-Pentagon-Spook alliance finally cemented by Powell, Blankfein and Dimon….and in the EUNATO area, linked the UK military intelligence arm to the Rothschild banking interests, who went on to single-handedly get their protege Emmanuel Macron elected French President in 2017.

All of this power has convinced bankers that they are the most important, vital and ‘too big to fail’ element in the ludicrously entitled ‘Global Village’. In 2008/9, it cost that village $23 trillion to bale out their intra-bank trades, asset valuation stupidities, sub-prime ratings corruption and perverted derivative packages. But almost nobody batted an eyelid when, as Obama’s Coronation unfolded, the senior bankster VPs demanded their pre-agreed bonuses be paid in full.

Now here we are fourteen years later, and it is clearer than ever that the neoliberal financialised world monopoly model is an abject failure. But the sorcerers have teamed up with medical, silicon tech, bio-weaponry Davosite clowns, the neocon military and the useful climate/virus emergency idiots to hide that failure….a failure that can, in their myopic cunning, not only hide the disaster but also justify Sapienocide.

What I’m arguing for today is a focus on disabling the outrageous privilege bankers enjoy. One can summarise these as follows:

  1. As long ago as 2010, Forbes Magazine openly admitted that almost everywhere in the World, a far-too-cosy relationship exists between regulators and banks. Forbes was being kind on the whole – like everyone else, it has to be careful what it says.
  2. The access of the banks to both the elected and unelected State is something no other grouping or institutional sector can match. When UK bank Northern Rock went sour in 2009, Gordon Brown was obliged to clear his diary for three days while arrogant bankster idiots demanded Action This Day. A Downing Street aide confided to me that ”at no point did [the PM] call the bluff by saying you created this mess, you solve it….it was just a steady stream of ‘bale-us-out-or-you’re-dead’ threats”. Similarly, Dimon, Blankfein and other Wall Street luminaries maintain regular and casually confirmed contacts with the CIA, FBI and EUNATO BSDs – which they position as ”patriotism” and even ”doing God’s work”.
  3. All the major merchant and central banks in turn cooperate with Silicon Valley in the development of credible ”glitches” invented to excuse hidden cash-flow issues, or lack of trust when intra-bank trades aren’t going well.
  4. The biggest scandal of all is the completely potty quasi-religious ‘transubstantiation’ myth about who owns the money we desposit at banks: the funds in a general bank account do not technically belong to the depositor. At the moment of deposit, the funds become the property of the depository bank. Yes, it becomes, by miraculous means, the body and blood of Mammon. Why is this true? Because the banks have been allowed, by all their many State allies, to be the custodians of citizen money. Citizen money is the residue left after income taxes have stolen 32% of it, and banks have set the price of looking after the residue as We Own it all. ”You vill have nuzzink und you vill be happy”. When I grow up, I want to be a tax collecting banker.
  5. Supposedly neutral Ratings Agencies are there to tell investors what is a safe or subprime investment. If they and the investment bank can’t agree, the banksters look for a Ratings Whore who will pass the package as A1. The real provider/assessor relationship is turned upside down to fool any sap willing to believe the whores.”