Gaza the distraction from Yookraine Neocons were hoping for has a new post available ….


GLOBAL GAME-CHANGING BLACK SWAN UPDATE: With 100’s of Israeli civilian men shot dead (& 100s more young women abducted) at just one desert techno concert, Arab PR geniuses, likely expecting “just another round” with Israel, clearly “overdid it.” No, Hezbollah WILL NOT get involved full-scale because, with extremely shabby state of Israeli army, Israel may hit them with tactical nuclear weapons & NO ONE WOULD STRONGLY OBJECT. Dumbass Muslims finally overdid it—this is NOT some village in Ossetia that no one gives a damn about, AND, with Gaza border having been at peace, it’s not seen as a reprisal but as unprovoked & (also with many foreign citizens, even Russians, killed) a THREAT TO THE WORLD. Arab PR geniuses LOOOOOONG had Europe & its “we must consider our domestic Muslim opinion” protecting them (by way of Uncle Sam listening & always reigning in Israel)… but that’s over. ****FURTHERMORE****, this provides GLOBOHOMO governments with an easy way to shift focus from the Yoo-kraine, just as they were getting DESPERATE to do so. For all those who asked me, “How does USA accept its loss, how can it end?”—THIS IS HOW.

How’s Mercouris doing, by the way? You know half his followers are commies or Nazis. Or if you didn’t know, I KNOW because I “inherited” them, and had to spend a long time shaking them. I wonder how “Mister Geopolitics” will spin this one, LOLOLOLOL. And, don’t forget about my premium content. Please sign up,…

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