World War Plans take shape

Kim Jong Un tells North Korea to be ready for WAR with the US: Dictator claims military exercises are a rehearsal for an invasion and calls American, Japanese and South Korean leaders ‘gang bosses’

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has called for his military to be constantly ready for combat to thwart rivals’ plots to invade his country, state media said on Tuesday.

It came as the U.S., South Korea and Japan held a trilateral naval exercise to deal with North Korea‘s evolving nuclear threats. The U.S. and South Korean militaries have been separately holding summer bilateral exercises since last week.

Russia, China & North Korea To Launch Trilateral War Games

South Korea’s intelligence services believe that Russia, China and North Korea are preparing to conduct joint military drills. Moscow, Beijing, and Pyongyang have all frequently complained about American war games near their borders.

According to Yoo Sang-bum, a South Korean legislator, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu likely proposed that North Korean soldiers join Russian and Chinese troops for military exercises during a July meeting with Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Yoo says he learned the information during a closed-door discussion with South Korea’s National Intelligence Service.

US nukes to return to UK? Evidence suggests process underway

American nukes might be returning to British soil after 15 long years and Russia is not happy about it. Russia has warned of an escalation if American nuclear weapons return to British soil. Now some recent reports have revealed a possibility of this happening.