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What now on London’s ULEZ and similar schemes around the country?

“If you think this doesn’t affect you now – it will”

What now on London’s ULEZ and similar schemes around the country? Can we reverse them? What do they mean for the rest of the UK?

Together’s Alan Miller has just recorded a new episode of his show speaking to key anti-ULEZ campaigners Kingsley Hamilton, and Nick Arlett, who says “if you think this doesn’t affect you now, it will.”

Listen to the show here now

(Full show back catalogue HERE and you can also search for “Alan Miller Show” on major podcast platforms)


More seats added for Together 2nd Anniversary Event due to popular demand – get tickets before price goes up tomorrow!

We’ve had such a great response for Together’s 2nd Anniversary Event on Fri 29 September at the fabulous Central Hall, Westminster that we’ve just arranged with the venue to open an additional area for seating!

→ Go HERE to book your ticket now – ideally before midnight when lower-priced “2nd Release” tickets end

We’ve already announced the following speakers:

Dr Jay Bhattacharya, of Stanford University and Great Barrington Declaration fame on censorship, science and public health: where do we go from here?
Professor Carl Heneghan – on Covid, why we need to make sure we have proper cost-benefit appraisals of any “scientific” interventions, and how the public can ensure their voices are heard so we have no repeat
A State of Fear author Laura Dodsworth on “nudge,” power, and how to free your mind
Academic, writer, pollster and campaigner Matt Goodwin on challenging the “New Elite” to have the public put first
Lockdown-critic journalist Sherelle Jacobs on the issues facing UK and how we can launch a new era of liberty
Broadcaster and journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer
Dr Renee Hoenderkamp – NHS GP, broadcaster and staunch critic of the Covid response from early on… plus one or two more speakers are likely
PLUS: Special musical performance from Rose Windross, original singer/songwriter with Soul II Soul…

You can still get a “Second Release” ticket until midnight, which will be lower-priced than booking nearer the time, so a good idea to get yours now:

>> Here’s the link to get your tickets now

Please note, you can get yourself a standard ticket, or help us out by adding a little donation – or adding some all-new Together clothing for yourself.

If you do, this is much appreciated as costs to put on a large, high quality event are considerable! (None of our speakers are paid for speaking, by the way.)

We are looking forward to this, and really hope to see you on Friday 29 September.

Like to donate to Together? Here’s the link

A supporter got in touch recently to ask if we had an online donation option.

We do, it’s HERE and you can also find it via our website.

Find freedom-loving UK businesses easily and support the “Parallel Economy!”

The new Together Directory is filling up and makes it easy for you to find freedom-loving businesses locally and nationally… for example:

→ Like to browse possible holiday destinations, hotels, B&Bs? Check out the Tourism & Accommodation section.

→ Looking for shops or gifts? Start with Shopping.

→ In business, and prefer to work with like-minded suppliers? Business Services is a great starting point.

All businesses in the Directory have confirmed they support Together’s core principles around freedom and fundamental rights – wouldn’t it be better to support them, than those that don’t?

Enjoy browsing, and finding new freedom-loving businesses.

We are always strong and better #together!


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