One Response to “WALES GOES MENTAL. 20mph nationwide. What’s this about?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    I was on the street today trialing a new English Democrats leaflet. Got received well enough but the English are still slow to realise they are under attack. We are right on the border and Welsh people come across to visit – and maybe to be able to drive a bit faster! They love the politics of the English Democrats and would like a Welsh equivalent. They say Wales is held by Labour with opposition pitiful. All parties are sold out to world government agendas, just as they are in England apart from the Teds who understand that inside the UK we will never be free of it. Time for a Welsh version of Teds, I’d say. Many Welsh took the leaflet and were clearly much more distressed than the English are – as yet. I am sure Robin Tilbrook Chairman of The Teds would be happy to form an associated party in Wales to withdraw together from the UNEUWHOWEFUK (there’s a good mnemonic to remember the alphabet soup of world government bodies), and form an economy based on proper money – weight of metal – not paper promises or digital dispossession.