Urgent – Crossing a Line – Dystopian UK Energy Bill

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One Response to “Urgent – Crossing a Line – Dystopian UK Energy Bill”

  1. ian says:

    Tim says, “Since when was it ok for a Government to use reasonable force against hardworking law abiding citizens”. The people behind our latest banana slide into dystopia, are the same folks who have destroyed every country round the world for their own gains. The Bolshevik revolution where Solzyenitsin says 80,000,000 white Christian Russians died, The Holodomor, the destruction caused by WW1 and WW2. Even Mao tse Tung was one of their pupils. It’s our turn now, and by now, enough should be aware that writing to MPs or voting, won’t stop them. It’s all going to happen. They have guns we don’t. If you did, the UN or US or NATO would come in. Talking of the US, Israel relied on the US to keep it safe in the ME. Well now the US is being sent to Hell in a hand basket, hence the destruction of the Ukranian men. The new Khazaria will form gradually. Re the women and kids, the Israelis can control women and kids, they’re used to that. The conflict also will bankrupt the US/UK and force the implementation of a CBDC. Winner winner chicken dinner. Soon we’ll all be Palestinians.
    My car was in for a service yesterday. My good lady doesn’t drive, and the dealership is about 14 miles away on the outskirt of the town. Due to me being me, my phone is basic, ie it’s a phone that I mostly don’t carry and has no internet other than by wifi, so has no banking app. I have a Debit card, and a credit card which is only used online . I scrounged, or rather my wife scrounged me a lift through there to get me the car and I was dropped off. Best part of £300 for the work. I put my card in, card rejected. The young lady(a very polite description??) who was dealing with me, said you’ll have to pay with your phone, and I said I can’t. I said I have a credit card but no pin so did she have a one of them roll over things that you sign. No. By know she was carrying her coat as it was nearly finishing time. I asked if I could take the car and come back in the morning. No. I phoned my wife for help, but she must have been upstairs with the fancy man. No reply. A smiling guy appeared. Hang on he said. He cancelled the machine and restarted it, cleaning my card on his shirt as he did so. Try it now he said. It worked. I noticed the “young lady”, roll her eyes at a colleague. The guy went for the car, she stepped forward and suggested that I may have had the card in the wrong way round. I thought, don’t push your effin luck, but said nowt. Happy days.