Klaus Schwab Admits Agenda 2030 Is Failing As Millions Rise Up Against New World Order

There is simply no room for humanity in the WEF’s dystopian vision of the future.

Free thinkers and truth-tellers like Russell Brand are already being de-platformed and canceled by the globalist elite, with their attack dogs in the mainstream media acting as their propaganda department.

First they came for Brett Kavanaugh with a carefully crafted defamation campaign. Then they came for Russell Brand, who was smeared by the UK’s far-left Channel 4 and a team of anonymous women. It appears he was getting too close to the truth on his popular YouTube channel.

And now they are targeting Tim Ballard, the real-life hero of the Sound of Freedom movie, who was warned by the globalist elite that they would end his career in retribution for daring to expose the global child trafficking industry to the masses.

These are desperate ploys by the elite who know the people are waking up to their evil plans. But they simply won’t work. The people have woken up and the revolution against the elites has begun.

In WEF-infiltrated Canada the media is hard at work pushing Klaus Schwab’s insect eating agenda, but there is just one problem. Even the TV show hosts are struggling to pretend they are enjoying the WEF’s plans for humanity.

2023 is the year the elite became desperate and revealed their hand. While the battle will continue to rage for some time, do not lose hope. We are defeating the New World Order. Now their plans are out in the open, it is time that we as humans come together and shape the future that we want. The future is not written in stone and does not belong to them.