This is hysterical


This guy has to be nuts.  He actually believes the landmass of the Eastern USA is a dead dragon.  The dragon shits into Washington DC.  That really is a swamp.  He is seriously deluded.  He believes Bryce Canyon is a giant stomach.  He believes all the surface of the earth is made out of dead bodies…of biology.   Jesus Christ said the earth is nothing but a corpse.  Blimey!  Was he nuts too?

Politics – Tell the truth and you’re out.  Lie and lie and you’re in.  Politics rules our world.  So everything we know is a lie.  Roger here thinks he can unlock the puzzle.  Don’t be disturbed.  Just look at the evidence.  Your mind can relax afterwards once you know, and you’re over the initial surprise.

Roger writes – I do Claim the Feathered Serpent was Factual and the real truth lies far beyond the minds of Mortal Humans…very Far. “The Plumed (or Feathered) Serpent is a Mesoamerican myth that has fascinated modern people for quite some time. Among the Aztecs and Toltecs this divinity went by the name of Quetzalcoatl and to the Maya it was known as Kukulcan. It was a much-revered god who was believed to bring good tidings and civilization to humankind. His preeminent role in ancient times is evident from the fact that not only whole temples, but in fact whole cities were built as centers of worship for this entity.”

(268) Was the Feathered Serpent a Real Creature and what Evidence is There Today to Prove my Claims – YouTube