What was the Germans really doing during the war? Have you really been told everything? Was SS General Kammler’s real research Nuclear? Rockets? Jets? or something else.. After many years of research and travel around the world to the various locations pertaining to the German Special projects. I have begun to piece together some answers.
This is the first introduction to the series, now updated with more information and details.
Here I lay out the basics for what we have found so far, and the ground for understanding what happened, as there is a lot you have never been told the truth about.

These are the WW2 special projects many of which came under SS General Kammler’s control, we will pursue these and visit the locations where things happened and deeds done.

This is where the journey begins

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3 Responses to “THE LAST NAZI SECRET”

  1. newensign says:

    Very interesting Sovereigntea and thanks for the links, the Germans like us made the mistake of allowing the Kaszarian mafia into their country like we did. The war was all about wresting German technology completely into the hands of the mafia (AshkeNAZI} to facilitate their plan for world control. The Rothschilds already owned big industrial complexes in Germany, such as I G Farben, which the allies were ordered not to bomb! Evidently. Borman a British agent, signed Hitler’s pay checks. We have to remember the Germans are our Saxon cousins – the war was prolonged to kill as many of us on both sides as possible!

  2. newensign says:

    Thanks for the link – a long read – but it refers to Luther who discovered who the Jews were (ashkenasi edomites) and wrote the Jews and their lies and was killed shortly after that, you can guess by whom!