2 Responses to “The largest creature to ever exist”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    A creature this large must have lived on a larger earth. It is totally out of scale for the resources available to it here. It would be rather like a massive fish in a tiny tank, dead through lack of food soon enough. Particularly given that there would need to be far more than one of them for long term survival

    On the other hand, if it was on a much larger earth like the crater earth model that John introduced via Godgevlamste. And that larger earth suffered a catastrophic flood then…….

    Both concepts are so out of whack for mainstream thinking that they will be easily dismissed out of hand. But they are clearly complimentary to my simple mind

    I’ve started “Worlds in Collision” by Velikovsky, who is Roger’s Mudfossil “mentor” and I’m already hooked. He challenges mainstream science in such a simple, direct and scientific way. If anyone has already read him and has a good perspective then, I would be pleased to hear it

    Velikovsky effectively blew up Newtonian physics and Darwinian evolution in a few simple books. No wonder he was vilified!

  2. Tapestry says:

    Yes Pete. These subjects are massive and take time to penetrate. I find it easier to work on them one by one. I can’t look at videos of landscape any more without seeing shapes which suggest either faces, or feet, or elephants, turtles, horses or even dragons like Devil’s Island off St Francisco. The names given often suggest that those naming them knew what they were. No one is permitted to land on Devil’s Island. It would be so obvious to the eye. James Bond’s memorial/grave on the Faroe Islands is sitting right on a giant. It goes on and on.